Recently, Hannan Hussein, an assistant researcher and writer at the Islamabad Institute of Policy Research, said in an exclusive interview with that on issues such as fighting the epidemic, the Chinese government attaches importance to communication with the public, and citizens have a high degree of trust in the government, which has made China successful. The world has not only seen China put various anti-epidemic policies in place and contributed the most in providing vaccines and resources to the world, but also called for greater unity among countries. China sends a message to the world that when humanity faces global challenges, it should put the political narrative aside. China's approach provides us with lessons to learn from. (Zhang Naiyue)

  Hannan Hussain, Assistant Research Associate at the Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI) and Author, said that Chinese citizens have a high level of trust in the government, which made China successful in fighting COVID-19. China has contributed the most to supplying vaccinations and resources all over the world. It also calls on all countries to be more united. China has sent a message to the world, which is when humanity faces global challenges, political narratives should be set aside. China's practice provides us with the experience people can learn from.

Responsible Editor: [Ji Xiang]