Yasmina Kattou, edited by Julien Moreau 06:12, March 04, 2023

‍Mars Bleu is the month of colorectal cancer, a cancer that affects more than 43,000 people each year, or nearly 120 cases diagnosed per day.

Another worrying finding adds to this reality: the rate of participation in colorectal cancer screening is only about 33%.

Every year in March it is colorectal cancer month.

43,000 people are diagnosed every year, or nearly 120 cases per day.

Timely screening can save lives.

Detected early enough, they can be cured in nine out of ten cases.

Today, organized screening is offered every two years to people aged between 50 and 74.

95% of colorectal cancers occur after the age of 50.

Unfortunately, the participation rate for colorectal cancer screening is only about 33%.


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Good results when treatment is carried out at an early stage

A situation that Aurélien Dupré, digestive surgeon, oncologist at the Léon Bérard center in Lyon regrets: "Before there are symptoms, the development phase is very long. We therefore have an opportunity to detect cancer. During this preclinical phase, when the treatment is carried out at an early stage, the prognosis is very good".


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The alarming signals

The doctor details the symptoms that should alert you.

For example, people who have false urges to go to the bathroom or have small amounts of stool repeatedly should be concerned.

“The other warning symptoms are rectal bleeding and when there is bleeding, you must always go to a colonoscopy,” concludes the doctor.

The oncologist also calls for limiting the consumption of tobacco or alcohol.

In France, in 2015, 21% of colorectal cancers could be attributed to alcohol.