A student who has evacuated from Ukraine and is studying at a Japanese language school in Maebashi City is in trouble with the school over payment of school fees.

A Ukrainian student claims that he was asked to pay tuition, including the period when he was told that it was free, but the school said, ``The free period was until the student became independent. I have explained."

Maebashi City's NIPPON ACADEMY accepts about 40 students who have evacuated from Ukraine, and 16 of them are having trouble paying school fees.

Despite receiving an explanation from the school before coming to Japan that tuition would be free for a certain period of time on the premise of government support, the students did not pay any tuition fees, including the period for which they had been told that they would be free after coming to Japan. has been asked to pay for

Ukrainian student Lunin Vladislav, who held a press conference at the Gunma Prefectural Office on the 27th, insisted, "I want the school to fulfill its promise."

Regarding this issue, the school said in an interview with NHK last week that it had been supporting the students from the beginning by introducing them to part-time jobs in order to help them become independent. I have explained that it is the period until the life of the child becomes independent."

In addition, at a press conference held last week by school corporation chairman Kiyoshi Shimizu, Lunin said on the 27th that he said, "The state of support for Ukrainian people is frankly a refugee aristocrat." At a press conference, he said, "We are certainly treated well in Japanese society, but this time we were used as an insult."