[Explanation] While the mainland and Hong Kong resumed full "customs clearance", Pearl River Shipping also resumed its cross-border shipping one after another.

On February 17, Zhujiang Shipping Enterprise (Share) Co., Ltd. held a press conference at the China Passenger Terminal.

Liu Guanghui, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhujiang Shipping, said at the press conference that since the resumption of cross-border water passenger transport, Zhujiang Shipping has adjusted its capacity and has resumed the opening of 8 cross-border water routes, including 4 Hong Kong urban routes and 3 Hong Kong routes. Airport routes, and 1 route to Hong Kong and Macau.

  [Concurrent] Liu Guanghui, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhujiang Shipping

  As early as January 8, the day when cross-border waterway passenger transport officially resumed, we immediately opened four routes between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Hong Kong and Macau, and then successively added more routes to facilitate the travel of citizens and tourists.

As of yesterday (February 16), a total of 8 cross-border water routes have been opened, with a total of more than 240,000 cross-border passenger trips.

In the future, we will resume other cross-border routes in a timely manner as needed, and strive to restore the previous state of operating 20 cross-border routes as soon as possible.

  [Explanation] Looking forward to the future, Liu Guanghui said that Zhujiang Shipping will further coordinate ship capacity in the future, optimize route layout, and provide faster and better service experience for cross-border passengers.

  [Concurrent] Liu Guanghui, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhujiang Shipping

  Since the resumption of flights, more than 240,000 passengers have been transported. There is still a certain gap between the expected level and the level before the epidemic. We will continue to provide high-quality services for the routes and accelerate the development of the cross-border waterway passenger transport industry.

We plan to open the route between Guangzhou Pazhou and Hong Kong International Airport this year. In addition, we are also continuing to promote routes from Shunde to Hong Kong downtown and Hong Kong Airport to provide services for citizens' travel in due course.

  [Explanation] Passengers who took a boat from Zhongshan to Hong Kong's China Ferry Terminal said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency that Hong Kong and the mainland have fully resumed "customs clearance" to facilitate their travel, and they are happy about this.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong Citizens

  I'm very happy, it's been a few years, and I plan to go back and walk around, because I used to go back often, and it's because of the epidemic in the past few years that I haven't gone back.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong Citizens

  Because I haven’t returned to Hong Kong for three years, and I haven’t returned to Hong Kong after staying in the Mainland for three years, I’m of course happy now (“clearing customs”), and it’s much more convenient.

  [Explanation] According to reports, Pearl River Shipping is a Chinese-funded enterprise stationed in Hong Kong. It has served Hong Kong for more than 60 years. Its business covers Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and countries and regions along the "Belt and Road". With nearly 50 cargo terminals, it is a logistics service provider and water public transportation service provider in the Greater Bay Area.

  Reporter Liang Yuan reports from Hong Kong

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]