Author Scott Meslow has written a book on the fall of the romantic comedy and told the BBC that the decline of the genre is likely due to the decline of the mid-budget segment in Hollywood.

Producers want to bet either on narrow indies or multi-million productions that are considered safe cards (Marvel, for example).

But on the streaming services that are constantly looking for new (or new old) niches, the genre has made a comeback.

The film "To all guys I liked" has managed to become something as unusual as a rom-com franchise.

"Escape from reality"

Moa Gammel made her adult feature film debut as a director last year with "Thank you for the last time", a Swedish romantic comedy that was a hit with critics and audiences.

- When we have a world that is falling apart, I think you long more for an escape from reality where the agreement is a crescendo where everything will be fine, you will leave the film feeling warm in the stomach, she says.

In addition to the desire for security, nostalgia seems to be a driving factor.

The 90s and 00s were the golden age of the romantic comedy, and many of the coming year's American films feature the romcom stars of the era: Reese Witherspoon, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan, Richard Gere and Diane Keaton.

- Now the 90s are back in every possible way.

I think we will see more horror films, sci-fi and other clear genre films, says Moa Gammel.

Pretty woman in top

Last week, the measurement company Yougov released figures where 1000 Americans had to answer questions about romcoms.

The genre ranks several notches below America's favorite comedy genre, but above dramatic romantic films.

The most recognizable romantic comedies are those produced in the 90s, with Pretty Woman at the top, which is also America's most popular romantic comedy ever.

See the interview with Moa Gammel and hear her favorite romcom in the clip.