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Revealed one of the best kept


of what is already anticipated as the wedding of the year, that of Tamara Falcó with

Íñigo Onieva


And yes, we already know who is in charge of making her



Isabel Preysler

's daughter ,

who little by little is taking her mother's place as a style benchmark, has relied on

made in Spain

for her big day.

Specifically, in the firm

Sophie et Voilà,

she that she will be in charge of shaping the unique design that she sees when she arrives at the altar.

Who leads Shopie et Voilà?

Sophie et Voilà is a Bilbao-based brand founded and led by two women:

Saioa Goitia,

its general manager, and

Sofía Arribas,

its creative director for more than 10 years.

"Two diametrically opposed and complementary women" who feel their entire philosophy on this concept: "Together we are better," they say.

A trained architect, Sofía, the soul of

Sophie et Voilà,

is pure imagination applied to style.

Goitia is the executive tenacity that makes the project possible.

Isabel Preysler or Elsa Pataky, among the guests dressed by Sophie et Voilà

Sophie et Voilà is one of the usual brands in Tamara Falcó's wardrobe and in that of many other celebs, starting with her mother,

Isabel Preysler,

and continuing with

Elsa Pataky

and other women who usually occupy the top positions on the lists. of the best dressed -

Sofía Palazuelo

, Isabelle Junot,

Blanca Padilla


Claudia Osborne

, Valentina Suárez-Zuloaga...- and who bet on the designs of this firm to dress their events and special occasions.

And although the details of the dress will be kept under lock and key until July 8, when the Marchioness says yes to

Íñigo Onieva

in the chapel of the

El Rincón palace,

what we do know is where the chips will move.

Sophie et Voilà

's designs

are characterized by defining




silhouettes that give all prominence to impeccable cuts and luxurious fabrics.

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"Each piece is made


for its owner: that is luxury and it is, at the same time, true ecology," say the brand, which also has as its flag the use of


materials such as recycled fabrics for its collections, sending its pieces with a recycled packaging and "working without stock, manufacturing only

made to order

, without generating waste or leftover parts".

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Its creative director is inspired by


and elegant women who have defined their own style.

"We love


because in addition to being a


in fashion, she fits us as a modern woman with values ​​that perfectly identify our brand",

Saioa Goitia

assured Hola magazine.

According to Goitia, making Tamara Falcó's wedding dress is one of the most important


of her career so far: "It is a luxury that she has chosen us."

The brand, which has more than 90 points of sale outside of


, has two ateliers where they make their exclusive designs, one in


and the other in



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Her garments can also be purchased through the ES Fascinante website;

In fact, the


of this fashion platform, located at Calle Conde de Aranda 22, is its only physical point of sale in


and the space from where the Sophie et Voilà team schedules and carries out personalized appointments for brides. and guests.

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