The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office's Special Investigation Department accused the former deputy director of the Games Organizing Committee of violating the Antimonopoly Act, accusing him of illegally coordinating orders in a bid-rigging case related to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics test competitions. Arrested.

Following the corruption scandal surrounding the Tokyo Games, a senior official of the Organizing Committee at the time was arrested on suspicion of collusion.

Yasuo Mori, former deputy director of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee's event management department, was arrested.

According to people involved, Deputy Director Morimoto is suspected of violating the Antimonopoly Act for illegally adjusting orders for 26 bids related to test competitions for each sport at the Tokyo Games.

A series of bids were held in 2018 to select a contractor to plan the test competition, with nine companies including Dentsu and one joint venture winning a total of more than 500 million yen, all of which subsequently , In the form of a free contract, we received an order for the operation of the main tournament of the same competition for a total of about 40 billion yen.

There is a suspicion that former executives of advertising giant Dentsu were also involved in order coordination, and the Special Investigation Unit was located at the homes of Deputy Director Morimoto and Dentsu executives at the time, as well as an event production company in Tokyo's Toshima Ward that received the order. We are also searching for "Celespo".

According to people involved, Deputy Director Morimoto is suspected of creating a list of companies that have agreed to participate in the bidding with the cooperation of Dentsu and coordinating orders.

The Special Investigation Unit suspects that Deputy Director Morimoto and Dentsu's executives at the time were leading the collusion from the stage of the test tournament with a view to winning orders for the main tournament, which has a larger amount of money. It can be seen.

It is extremely unusual for a bid rigging case involving multiple major advertising companies to be exposed.

Following the corruption scandal, the Tokyo Games have developed into a situation in which another former executive of the Organizing Committee has been arrested, raising new questions about how the Games should be managed and how fair they should be.

According to sources, Deputy Director Morimoto had admitted to involvement in the collusion in a random investigation before his arrest.