, Nanchang, February 8th (Li Yunhan and Deng Xiaoyao) On the 8th, the reporter learned from the Intermediate People's Court of Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province that the country's first civil public interest litigation restoration and enforcement case for the protection of ancient villages was concluded, and the gatehouse of the "Sangong Old Mansion" has been restored. Finish.

  "Jinxi County Court entrusted Jiangxi Sihua Ecological and Environmental Protection Foundation to manage and supervise the restoration project of the gatehouse of the 'Sangong Old Mansion', which involved the restoration of cultural relics in the 'National First Civil Public Interest Litigation Case for the Protection of Ancient Villages', which has successfully passed the inspection and acceptance. "Said Wan Xiquan, Jiangxi Sihua Ecological and Environmental Protection Foundation (hereinafter referred to as Sihua Foundation).

  "The carvings, copper coin tiles, earthen bricks and other materials used in the restoration of the gatehouse have been carefully selected and made in strict accordance with traditional craftsmanship." said the secretary-general of the Ancient Village Protection Association of Jinxi County.

The picture shows the restored gatehouse of the "Sangong Old Mansion".

Photo courtesy of Fuzhou Intermediate Court

  "In order to achieve the effect of 'repairing the old as old', although the restoration process of the entire project was very difficult, and it was demolished and redone twice, it was of great significance." The representative of the construction unit said.

  "After the gatehouse was repaired, it was basically the same as before it was destroyed. Many migrant workers went home to celebrate the New Year. When they saw the newly restored gatehouse standing at the entrance of the village, they all said that it aroused childhood memories and kept nostalgia. We are very satisfied. "The local village representative said.

  The Jinxi County Court of Fuzhou City actively explored innovative execution methods and established a multi-component co-governance ecological environment restoration mechanism in the restoration of the "Sangong Old House" gatehouse in the "National First Civil Public Interest Litigation Restoration and Implementation Case for the Protection of Ancient Village Humanistic Relics" concluded by the Jinxi County Court of Fuzhou City , promoted the effective connection between environmental public interest litigation and ecological environment restoration, protected the original features of ancient villages, effectively safeguarded the environmental rights and interests of the people, and provided a replicable and scalable practice model for future restoration of cultural relics.

  On the evening of April 11, 2020, the defendants Xu Mouwen and Fang Mouping drove a three-wheeled motorcycle to a gatehouse of the West Bank Group of Boyuan Village, Liuli Township, Jinxi County and stole a "Jiadili" stone plaque. Fall and break.

On the evening of April 27 of the same year, the two defendants went to a gatehouse of Xiayang Group, Hufang Village, Heshi Town, and stole a stone plaque of "Sangong Old House". During the theft, the stone plaque broke and the gatehouse collapsed as a whole.

After the trial, the Jinxi County Court held that the gatehouse involved in the case was a non-renewable ancient architectural resource. The stone plaque of the gatehouse was stolen and damaged, which changed the style of the original ancient building, cut off the original historical and cultural inheritance, and damaged the public interest.

The Jinxi County Court ruled that the two defendants should jointly pay 103,539.61 yuan for repairing the gatehouses of "Jiadili" and "Sangong Old Mansion" and 300,000 yuan for functional losses.

  After the judgment of the case became effective, the Jinxi County Court filed the case for execution on September 1, 2022, actively explored and innovated the implementation mechanism for the restoration of ancient villages, and entrusted the Sihua Foundation to manage and supervise the use of humanities involved in the case through a public trust contract. Funds for the restoration of the relics, Jinxi County Housing and Construction Bureau and Jinxi County Procuratorate were invited as the supervisors of the public trust contract; under the leadership of the local Heshi Town Party Committee, the Heshi Town People's Government selected the construction team by bidding, Jinxi County The Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development arranged for the County Ancient Village Protection and Development Center and the County Traditional Village Protection and Development Association to formulate a restoration plan and provide restoration technical guidance. The Jinxi County Court entrusted the Sihua Foundation and public trust contract supervisors to participate in the supervision of the restoration process. According to the " With reference to the restoration principle of original appearance and repairing the old as the old, we will jointly do a good job in the "second half of the article" on the protection of the damaged ancient villages.