"Isn't the whole point of watching a movie with people in the same room to experience it together and laugh, scream and analyze the roles?", says Zara Larsson in a controversial video on Tiktok.

"It's about consideration"

The video has attracted a lot of attention and is criticized on social media as many say that talking in the salon is disturbing.

Cinema historian Kjell Furberg is one of them.

- It's about consideration.

The limit goes well when you can't really concentrate on the film, he says.

Åsa Jernudd, researcher in film culture at Örebro University, is more positive about Zara Larsson's statement.

- That you can react to what is happening and feel that you are part of the audience, yes absolutely!

More of that.

That's what makes cinema special.

Hear more about Zara Larsson's video and cinema culture in the clip above.