Why can't these symptoms be eliminated in the bud earlier?

How to eradicate the soil where "Gao Qiqiang" grew up, how to maintain the bottom line of fairness and justice in a society, how to go from fixed-point removal to institutionalized and normalized anti-corruption... This requires a more complete system and practical efforts. It is difficult, but must do

  "Hurricane" ended, but the ripples of public opinion caused by it continued to spread.

Those who have chased after the show are still unsatisfied, and those who haven't had time to catch up are "making up lessons".

The video clips of the plot have also become the traffic code of various platforms, and they are distributed virally, making it impossible to refuse.

  When anti-corruption dramas such as "In the Name of the People" and "Sweeping Black Storm" were broadcast, such enthusiastic dramas seemed familiar.

Everyone is arguing about the anti-corruption drama, and everyone sighs at Gao Qiqiang.

There is no lack of entertainment elements in it, and there are more tortuous expressions of people's feelings and opinions.

  People are immersed in the black-and-white confrontation and the intertwining of emotion and law of the characters in the play, and they also design their life trajectories according to their own understanding, and even look sideways to look back at their own situation.

In the continuous chewing and rumination of the plot and characters, he seeks the change of the trend of the times and the water level of individual cognition.

  In a normal society, how should public power operate?

How do companies build relationships with the government?

How to define the black and white of the little man's counterattack road?

How does the public distinguish the relationship between artistic creation and real life?

Every problem is not simple.

And regarding the plot as reality, or complaining about the plot in comparison with reality, are the "reality" we must face.

  Why do some people take pleasure in checking their seats?

  The popularity of "Hurricane" is related to the twists and turns of the storyline, the ups and downs of the fate of the characters, and even the narrative method of insight into the darkness of human nature.

People have seen that in Jinghai, the evil forces headed by Gao Qiqiang have penetrated into all aspects of politics, economy and society, the police have been bribed, officials have become "protective umbrellas", and the law of the jungle has become the basic rule.

The mist of sadness spreads all over Hualin.

  In particular, Gao Qiqiang, the leader of the evil forces, does not seem to be a one-dimensional villain and scum. His human nature has rich layers and textures, and such subtlety is an important element for empathy... However, more importantly, this drama satisfies the audience's emotional projection demands and allows people to find an outlet for their emotions.

  It can be seen from a few details: After the show hit the air, someone found a company in Shandong called Qiangsheng Group, and Sun Honglei, the chairman of the company, made a short video to clarify; someone posted a map on the Internet, saying that the administrative division of Lu'an, Anhui was the same as the show. Like a certain city...

  Why are there always people who enjoy it and take their seats?

Very simple, a good drama is never an "independent creation" by the director, but a "cooperative completion" with the audience.

This process of "secondary creation" itself is also a process of spreading germs.

  It's not that the audience can't distinguish between the truth of the drama and the reality of reality, it's just that they seek emotional comfort in film and television dramas.

When people see Gao Qiqiang, they may think of some evil leader in reality; people scold those big and small "protective umbrellas", and they may have heard of similar corrupt officials in reality.

  Director and screenwriter Xu Jizhou said that Gao Qiqiang has multiple prototypes, including the "Li Brothers" case in Heilongjiang, the case of Xu Changyuan in Dalian, Liaoning, and the case of Zeng Shiquan in Maoming, Guangdong.

In the case of Xu Changyuan’s involvement in gangsters, he served as the former Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Jinzhou New District Management Committee of Dalian City, Liaoning Province, the mayor of Zhuanghe City, Liaoning Province, the mayor of Wafangdian City, and the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee. , Secretary of the Jinzhou District Party Committee... The Xu family's gang-related assets exceeded tens of billions of dollars by using the government to support the businessmen and using the black to protect the businessmen.

  According to public information, the fermentation period of these criminal cases has exceeded 20 years.

This means that for quite a long period of time, these evil forces that dominate one side have had a considerable impact on the local people.

Therefore, this part of people's emotions in the real world is concentrated in the anti-crime drama.

  "Script carnival" is just an abnormal state

  This kind of emotional projection is of course helpful to gather the strength of the whole society to fight against corruption and eradicate evil, and form a general appeal for justice.

But if people always feel frustrated, hungry, and seek relief in film and television dramas, it may be contrary to the original intention of filming such a big drama.

  As a mass cultural product, film and television dramas certainly have the responsibility and mission to satisfy people's spiritual demands.

This is also a kind of subtle influence, which is the washing and reshaping of the human soul by culture.

But this does not mean that similar value appeals are mainly or only found in scripts.

  Compared with Gao Qiqiang's fate, ordinary people are actually more concerned about the real scene, and more concerned about the fairness, justice and safety around them.

Weeping for the characters in the play is just a critical emotional emergency.

Real life is real and hard, and it cannot be cracked by being moved, crying, or angry, so it calls for fairness and justice.

  For example, what would you do if your business caught the attention of the bad guys?

The responsibility of government departments and political and legal agencies is to serve the people. What should we do if someone is dragged into the water by "Gao Qiqiang"?

If a society is prone to people building their own order, hacking and killing, what should you do?

If these problems are not solved in reality, or if it is a bit difficult to solve, people can only follow the drama and dispel their emotions in various ridicules.

  This is obviously not normal.

After the drama binge, people still have to face a hard life.

This requires more complete institutional support and practical efforts. It is difficult, but it must be done.

  Anti-corruption should get out of film and television dramas

  It is not difficult to kill a "Gao Qiqiang". His 11 charges are all felonies, and it is only a matter of time before he ends up in the end.

This ending is in sync with the emotions of the audience, and also in line with the logic of justice.

  The question is, why not nip these symptoms in the bud sooner?

How to eradicate the soil where the "Gao Qiqiang" grew up, how to maintain a fair and just bottom line in a society, how to go from fixed-point removal to institutionalized and normalized anti-corruption... These all need to be followed by institutional and cultural construction.

  In recent years, people have deeply felt the vigorous anti-corruption and anti-crime campaign, which is actually the reason for the filming of the drama "Hurricane".

After years of vigorous anti-corruption and powerful crackdown on crime, people's living environment is getting better and better, there is no doubt about it.

But just as the creative background of "Hurricane" shows, the anti-corruption campaign should evolve from a hurricane-style, staged process to an institutionalized and normalized one.

  Many cases that have been disclosed repeatedly show that even after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, there are still huge corruption and tigers that have not stopped being exposed, and they are accompanied by black and evil elements like "Gao Qiqiang".

It can be seen that there are still loopholes that need to be filled, and there is a long way to go to improve and optimize the system.

  First, improve the construction of the institutional system. The system that has been in operation before and has been proven to be effective in practice should be continuously optimized and fully promoted.

For example, the personal matters declaration system, using the current big data technology, still has room for further deepening and refinement.

As long as the vital gate of property under supervision is stuck, it will inevitably send a more positive signal to the society.

  Furthermore, strengthen governance at the source, and explore the mechanism for reforming and innovating the selection and appointment of cadres.

Adhere to the principles of openness, equality, competition, and merit selection, and comprehensively implement measures such as open recruitment and selection, public recommendation for recruitment, and competition for meritocracy.

  In addition, clearly define the boundaries of authority and responsibility.

It is necessary to understand who is responsible and to clarify the boundaries between politics and business.

Regardless of whether it is to restrain power or clarify the relationship between government and business, extensive and effective external supervision is required, such as social supervision and media supervision.

Only in this way can the lucky ones know how to respect and guard against power, and restrain power, instead of acting arbitrarily and casually exchanging power for benefits.

  A big drama, no matter how wonderful it is, is still fiction, and real life is much more complicated.

Anti-corruption and anti-crime should also get out of the craze of film and television dramas and truly become a normalized measure in social life.

This is a kind of influence and a necessary process, and what is finally realized is a fair, just, clean and upright society.

In this sense, "Hurricane" can be regarded as a wonderful bridge, carrying people to the other side of their ideals.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News special commentator Long Zhizhu