[Explanation] "The gongs and drums of the Lantern Festival are shaking for nine days, and the social fires in the urban area are making New Year's Eve." With China's national intangible cultural heritage, the Taolinping Hualian Shehuo started on February 5th in Taolinping Village, Xiaozuo Town, Jingxing County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. , this folk custom activity that has been passed down for more than 600 years has attracted audiences from all over the world, and the small village is very lively.

Taolinping Hualian Shehuo is a unique local folk custom in Hebei Province. Actors dress up like actors in ancient costumes, with facial makeup painted on their faces, and perform in traditional opera costumes, recreating the scenes of ancient Chinese soldiers fighting.

The agile martial arts movements of the actors and the enthusiastic shouts of the audience made Xie Min, a Bangladeshi student, feel fresh and lively.

  [Concurrent] Xie Min, a student from Bangladesh

  It’s the fifth time for me to celebrate the Lantern Festival in China, and this is the first time I’ve come to experience such a rich folk activity. My favorite folk activity is the Hualian Shehuo, which looks a bit like a Beijing opera dress, but also has a sense of power in Chinese martial arts.

  [Explanation] Taolinping Village is known locally as a martial arts village. Almost everyone in the village knows martial arts, and everyone has kung fu.

For hundreds of years, a unique social fire with painted faces has been circulating in the village, and everyone from the elderly to the preschool children will come to participate.

  [Concurrent] Xu Shuyuan, one of the inheritors of Taolin Ping Hualian Social Fire

  Taolinping Hualian Shehuo has been passed down for more than 600 years until now. Every year on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month is the Hualian Shehuo Art Festival. It has been held for 17 consecutive sessions. Hualian Shehuo is widely popular in Taolinping. The oldest) to over 70 years old, children start learning social fire when they are seven or eight years old or even four or five years old.

  [Explanation] The more unique Lantern Festival custom in Hebei is Jingxing latte art. Chen Ruiping, a villager in Taolinping Village with more than ten years of performance experience, is guiding Xiaoyan, a Russian student who likes to dance, to experience Jingxing latte art.

In Xiaoyan's view, latte art conveys a cheerful and festive feeling, and she likes this kind of optimistic spirit.

  [Concurrent] Russian student Xiaoyan

  Today we came to the Lantern Festival together. Before I came to China, I didn’t have such a deep knowledge (knowledge of Chinese culture). Today we learned about the activity (dance form) of latte art. This dance is very lively.

  [Explanation] Strolling on the streets of Tianchang Ancient City in Jingxing County, Zihan, a Russian student who likes Chinese history, guessed lantern riddles with his classmates.

He said that through various folk activities, he felt that Chinese people attach great importance to festival rituals, and he looked forward to participating more in the future.

  [Concurrent] Russian student Zihan

  Today (is) the Lantern Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, the main activity is to guess lantern riddles.

  Shang Yitong, a student at the International Cultural Exchange College of Hebei Normal University

  Just let's guess a lantern riddle, "hard work can cure all diseases".

  Let me explain, all kinds of diseases are also called diseases, and this "disease" (character) is very important. Whose poets in the (Chinese) Song Dynasty have the word "disease" in their names?

  Xin Qiji?

  Yes, it is Xin Qiji, you guys are amazing.

  [Explanation] "Jiuqu Yellow River lanterns, lights up to welcome the Lantern Festival." This lantern array is named after the arrangement of the lanterns winding like the Jiuqu Yellow River. It looks like a golden maze from a high altitude. Many people come to enjoy the lanterns on the day of the Lantern Festival. , turn the lights, and pray for good luck.

  [Concurrent] Xie Min, a student from Bangladesh

  Today I experienced the "Jiuqu Yellow River Formation" for the first time, and I walked around it for more than half an hour. There are many gates of safety, smoothness, and wealth, all of which are a blessing to people.

  Xing Lu, Zhao Danmei, Zhai Yujia reported from Shijiazhuang, Hebei

Responsible editor: [Ye Pan]