Last year, a 22-year-old suspect was arrested for paying executives in a robbery case in which luxury watches worth about 70 million yen were stolen from a watch store in Kyoto.

According to investigative sources, he said that he had interacted with a person who called himself "Luffy", so the police are investigating, including the connection with a series of robberies that have occurred one after another nationwide.

In May last year, a duo broke into a watch store in Kyoto's Nakagyo Ward and stole 41 luxury wristwatches worth approximately 70 million yen. I suspect it is.

So far, 9 men and women, including the executive and watch seller, have been arrested and indicted, but on the 7th, the police newly arrested Yuki Miyazawa (22), an unemployed man from Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, on suspicion of robbery. bottom.

According to the police, Miyazawa is in a position to manage the money of the criminal group, and is suspected of paying cash as a reward to the executives after the incident.

Police have not released a confirmation or disapproval.

According to investigative sources, Miyazawa has said that he has interacted with a person who calls himself "Luffy" in the past, but at this time it has not been confirmed that there is a connection with the series of robberies.

Police are continuing to investigate background relationships.