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  • Sleeping without panties won't make you happier, but it does help (at least your genital tract).

  • The new twist that Zara is taking and how it affects you as a customer

It was in October 2020 when


decided to broaden its horizons and launched its first lingerie collection, a market that until then Inditex had reserved for Oysho.

Under the name

'The Female Gaze'

, the female gaze in Spanish, we witnessed how the website of the flagship brand of the Inditex group was filled with a whole assortment of products that included everything from underwear, 'homewear' and loungewear , even accessories such as masks.

Already at that time, Zara dared to market a

'body shaping' line

made up of a dress, a jumpsuit and leggings.

However, it has not been until now when the brand has dared with its


reducing, shaping and anti-friction girdle in cycling pants format (come on, the most classic of girdles).

A girdle with all of the law because the previous garments could seem like they were, but they weren't.


Neither short nor lazy, in the face of such news I stand at the Zara in Plaza España ready to try this novelty.

I enter the Inditex world

I go into the store.

It is splendid, and huge.

Set in pastel and white tones that relax and encourage shopping, with flowers decorating some of the corners and escalators that go up and down ready to transport you through the Inditex paradise.

Clothes well placed, strategically but subtle.

Large windows that let in light creating an almost divine atmosphere.

And a lot of people, as always in Madrid.

I start


here and there, looking at the donkeys full of seasonal items.

I need a sweater to renew the one I always wear, which is starting to turn into a pure pellet, and I'm tired of passing the blade over and over again, because it goes without saying that industrial lint removers are useless.

Anyway, the usual, at the end of the road there are always the old school remedies.

Wait a minute, I had come to try on the damn girdle, not to buy a sweater.

But the same thing always happens;

it is enough that you go to a store with a shot done, without

the 'chip' to spend,

so that you like everything.

Nothing to do with when you go out ready to throw the house out of the window, that you only see remains of past collections and things that you would not want to see wearing even on your ex's new girlfriend.

I get on the escalator, heading to the lingerie section.

Second floor, or was it the third?

I do not remember anymore.

When I finally arrive I discover that it is cute, very minimalist.

It is located in a wood-lined corner that signifies it with respect to the rest of the floor, although it is not disruptive;

on the contrary, it integrates perfectly.

A large mass of orange and yellow flowers border a column,

'Zara Lingerie'.

I have arrived.

I glance around for

the coveted sash,

but it's gone.

I don't give up so soon and look for a saleswoman.

"Excuse me, do you guys have a girdle in the shape of biker pants by any chance?" I ask.

She looks at me strangely.

I choose to show him the article from the application (better start there).

"Oh yeah, sure," he smiles, could you tell me the reference?

It's that little number there, it's getting smaller every time", he tells me kindly. Indeed, it's tiny, but with my eagle eyes I manage to tell him and after asking for two sizes,

M and L,

just in case, I see how he disappears behind some curtains.A few minutes pass, and he reappears, this time with two very well-sealed packages.

First impressions of the girdle

Excited, I go to the fitting room but to the normal one, the one in the store.

I say "the normal one" because in the Lingerie department there are a couple of fitting rooms exclusively for these needs, much more comfortable according to the girl who has attended me, but they are busy and after 10 minutes waiting my patience is at the limit.

There are two types of people: those who only try on what is strictly necessary, like jeans, and do it quickly;

and those who have to try on even a shirt and recreate themselves too much.

It was clear that I had to hold on to the second.

To access the

changing rooms

, you have to cross a long corridor, just after the self-service checkout.

The curious thing about this Zara is that they no longer do that "how many clothes are you wearing?", which forced you to count all the clothes you were wearing so that they would give you a hanger with the number.

Now you just have to stand in front of a reader and voila!

Technology works



Once inside I am about to put on my very precious girdle as well as some dress that I have chosen at random to check if it works or not.

I take off the five layers of clothes that I am wearing because in Madrid that day it is freezing cold.

Now yes,

the time has come.

I take it out of the bag and unfold it.

AA body shape cycling leggings

The first thing that strikes me is the

soft and slippery touch.

I put one leg in and then the other, and pull up followed by the occasional jump so that it goes up better, although it doesn't cost me much since it is quite elastic, thank goodness.

The first size

I try on



and it's fine.

I look in the mirror, front, side and behind.

It is black, semi-transparent, with two thin bands on the sides and a thicker central piece, made of a different fabric.

It is not very tight,

but as promised, it delicately accentuates the natural shapes of the body, slightly concealing the most voluminous areas such as the tummy, thighs or hips.

there is no need to prejudge

It's good because it doesn't oppress and it's quite comfortable.

Girdle and comfortable?

It seems like a contradiction, but it is possible and something to keep in mind if you don't want to go through the same embarrassment I went through one night, leaving the bathroom and walking through a crowded restaurant with a girdle in hand (that night I had also decided on a mini bag ), because the stubbornness of "before dead than simple" did not let me think clearly and I chose to go to dinner in compression mode.

I don't know if dead, but almost.

In short, I like size M but

I try on the L to compare.

And surprise, I feel even more like a costume.

Some people consider that the tighter the girdle, the better, but I think it is important that it fits your body, because otherwise you end up creating those uncomfortable "mollitas" in the most unexpected places.

I have to point out that it is a bit long, so it can stand out if the dress or skirt is rather mini and give rise to the occasional blushing sight.

Since the size is clear to me, I try on a dress and see how that more 'fit' effect becomes a reality and without much hassle.

Habemus girdle,

I tell myself.

Now, I don't see that "anti-rubbing leggings" thing much.

In other words, it is true that it can help to avoid those annoying frictions that are so common when the good weather starts and we say goodbye to stockings, but there are other more suitable options for this purpose, cotton ones, for example.

And, furthermore, if you were thinking of wearing it without underwear, as we see the model doing in the ad on the web, I recommend that you think twice because it is very likely that due to the type of fabric you will start to perspire in the area abdominal.

I attest, it is heat sealed.

Come on, I'll buy the girdle

Absorbed, I begin to consider whether I should buy it or not.

Its price of

25.95 euros is

on my mind.

It's not too much, but I also want to buy one of the dresses I've tried on...


I'll buy it, and a red dress too, because I'm worth it.

Objective: the self-

collection boxes,

I cross my fingers.

"Deposit your clothes in the drawer", very good, it's simple.

"Select payment method", I know that one too.

The time has come to disarm, up to here I can read.

I have to call a saleswoman to help me finish the process, I think these boxes are not as autonomous as they promise.

After an hour I leave this consumer palace, with 50 euros less in the account and happier than a partridge with my new girdle, ready to

show off my great guy

next weekend.

Zara 'body shape' cycling leggings.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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