Elderly online shopping risk was successfully intercepted by fraud police

  I bought a pot online, and I called and said that I would deduct 650 yuan per month as the franchise fee

  Wuhan Evening News (correspondent Wang Hui, reporter Li Huizi) If you buy daily necessities online, you will become a franchisee, and you need to pay monthly membership fees?

Recently, Grandpa Li (surname Hua), who lives in Qiaokou District, Wuhan, encountered such a troublesome incident. He almost suffered from telecom fraud. Fortunately, his family members called the police in time, and the police came to intercept him, so they helped Grandpa Li keep his pension money.

  At about 18:00 on January 31, the Development Police Station of Qiaokou District Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau received a call from the masses.

The caller, Mr. Li (surname changed), reflected on the phone that his 77-year-old father might be suffering from telecom fraud. Mr. Li was in a state of anxiety and was rushing back from Wuchang to the place where the old man lived. He asked the police to come to dissuade him.

  After learning about the situation, policemen Tu Weisheng, Wei Junhao, and auxiliary policeman Min Jie drove to Grandpa Li's house immediately.

"Contact the community staff and community property security to go to the old man's home to dissuade them." On the way, the police dialed the old man's mobile phone number, which was always on the phone. The police could not dissuade them in advance by phone, so they urgently contacted other departments to take measures to intercept them.

  When the police and community workers arrived at the old man's home, Grandpa Li was still on the phone with the other party, and was operating the mobile phone transfer according to the other party's request.

The policeman hurriedly showed his work ID, "Grandpa Li, we are policemen from the police station, and you are suffering from telecom fraud."

  At this time, Grandpa Li was skeptical, but hung up the phone anyway.

  "I'm relieved when you come here. I have listened to the publicity class given by the community police, and I know it's a lie, but the old man won't listen to it." My wife, Grandma Zhang, told the police what happened.

  It turned out that Grandpa Li had just learned to shop online recently and found it very convenient, so he tied his bank card with more than 25,000 yuan to the mobile payment platform.

A few days ago, Grandpa Li bought a steamer, the quality was very good, and the old man was very happy.

Unexpectedly, on the afternoon of January 31, Grandpa Li suddenly received a phone call. The other party claimed to be a bank employee, saying that when Grandpa Li bought a steamer, he made a mistake and became a franchisee of this brand of steamer. Deduct 650 yuan from the bank card of the elderly as the membership fee.

After hearing this, the old man was at a loss, and quickly followed the request of the other party, downloading the APP on his mobile phone to operate.

Grandma Zhang learned of the situation and tried to persuade her to no avail, so she hurriedly told her son, Mr. Li.

At this time, Mr. Li was working in Wuchang and couldn't come back for a while, so he hurriedly called the police.

  The police carried out publicity on the spot to prevent telecommunications and network fraud, and Grandpa Li also realized that he was almost deceived.

"The next time my wife goes to listen to the police's anti-fraud class, I will go too. I will tell others about this, so that they will not be fooled again."