The reporter learned from the Shanghai Songjiang Police on February 6 that recently, the Xinqiao Police Station of the Songjiang Branch of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau received a report that a foot was exposed from the trunk of a white car.

The co-pilot of the vehicle was empty, and it was suspected that someone was in the trunk of the car.

  The police obtained the public video and combined with the video provided by the caller, locked the location of the white vehicle and quickly found the driver Wang.

  After understanding, Wang took a wooden table from a friend's house, and the storage space in the trunk of the vehicle was small, which caused the compartment door to fail to close normally.

In order to prevent the wooden table from falling on the road, Wang asked his wife Lu to sit in the trunk and support the wooden table.

And the space inside was very narrow, so Lu's legs were exposed from the gap.

  At present, in accordance with the provisions of Article 62, Item 1 of the "Implementation Regulations of the Road Traffic Safety Law" on driving when the doors and compartments are not closed, the offender Wang has been fined 100 yuan by Songjiang police according to law.

(Reporter Li Shuzheng produced Sui Zhiyuan's video source from Songjiang Branch of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]