, Nanning, February 7th, title: "Eagle Eye" Police Oasis: "CT Scanner" on the train

  Author Yao Pengpeng

  Identify the abducted girl at a glance, lock the fugitive with a few words, and retrieve the lost luggage of the passenger at the first time... With a pair of "hawk eyes" trained for 21 years, he traced the trace time and time again and solved a case. For this reason, he was known as the mobile "CT scanner" on the train.

Gan Quan inspected the platform before the train departed.

Photo by Yao Pengpeng

  Gan Quan is a policeman of the Nanning Public Security Department of the Nanning Railway Public Security Bureau. This year is his 20th Spring Festival travel.

On the T82 train from Nanning to Shanghai on February 7, Ganquan will protect the safety of passengers during the 28-hour journey.

  "Nanning Station is the departure station. I will inspect the entire train before passengers get on the train to check for potential safety hazards. As soon as the train leaves, I will inspect it again immediately to observe the specific situation of passenger flow and personnel distribution. I know it well." Gan Quan said.

Gan Quan and the train staff held a "three ride meeting".

Photo by Yao Pengpeng

  Gan Quan, 42 years old this year, is a "person who likes to compete with himself", but anyone who knows him knows that all this stems from his stubbornness of "doing well" in his bones.

  Being on duty on the train all the year round, Gan Quan knows that if he does not take the initiative to check, he will not find any clues. Over the years, he has developed the ability to penetrate people's hearts and track traces with a pair of "hawk eyes".

Gan Quan conducted an interrogation of the passengers.

Photo by Yao Pengpeng

  In the middle of the night on September 19, 2022, the passenger had already fallen asleep. Gan Quan was patrolling the carriage with a flashlight. At this time, the figures of two girls appeared in his sight. It didn't look like he was accompanied by a guardian.

This abnormal situation instantly aroused Gan Quan's vigilance.

  Gan Quan immediately started questioning the two girls. This question is not important. The two girls are preparing to transfer from Shanghai to Suzhou to work with three non-relatives traveling with them.

Gan Quan immediately called the police on the same car to go to support, and isolated and questioned the five people.

At this time, the identity information of the girls verified by the police detachment in the background also came to fruition. One of the two girls was actually a missing person, and the family members had reported the case to the local police station.

An idea quickly flashed in Gan Quan's mind: "suspected of abduction"!

Gan Quan patrolled the carriage.

Photo by Yao Pengpeng

  After stabilizing the emotions of the two girls, Ganquan organized the policemen on the same train and the train staff to control all three of them and hand them over to the station police station at Shangrao Station.

After tracking by the public security organs, a criminal gang involved in abduction was successfully destroyed, 11 suspects were arrested, and 4 abducted persons were rescued.

In January this year, Gan Quan won the first-class personal merit.

  "People whose clothes don't match their speech and behavior may be tricky. People who don't sleep and wander around in the car late at night may be looking for targets. People who dodge their eyes and try to quibble in the face of interrogation may be fugitives." This is Gan Quan's years of groping. The "doorway" that came out.

In recent years, Gan Quan has seized 18 fugitives of various types by virtue of a pair of "hawk eyes".

Ganquan carried out safety education for children running in the carriage.

Photo by Yao Pengpeng

  He is a "sharp sword" in the face of criminals, but a "spring breeze" in the face of tourists.

  Gan Quan is a "restless" person. Faced with passengers asking for help, he is full of energy. With his meticulous work style, he has helped passengers find more than 70 lost items worth More than 100,000 yuan.

Gan Quan observed the passenger flow when the train was preparing to stop.

Photo by Yao Pengpeng

  Gan Quan's father is a retired old iron policeman with 43 years of police service. "Look more, ask more questions, take one more step, and work hard." Work Creed.

  "There will be a peak passenger flow after the Lantern Festival, and we will further increase the frequency of inspections to ensure the safety and smooth return of passengers." Gan Quan said.

Ganquan helps passengers carry their luggage.

Photo by Yao Pengpeng

  "Twenty-one years have finally become steel, and 'eyes of fire' recognize good and evil." During the return journey of the Spring Festival Transport, on the platform where people come and go, Gan Quan is used to seeing reunions and partings, but he knows that to keep safe is to keep A better reunion next time.