Chinanews, Urumqi, February 6th (La Xiaofei) "The sound of the phoenix flute moves, the light of the jade pot turns, and the fish and dragon dance all night."

On the evening of the fifteenth day of the first lunar month on February 5, the Urumqi Lantern Festival Opera Concert was staged at the Urumqi Peking Opera Theater. The actors of the Urumqi Peking Opera Troupe and the Qin Opera Troupe brought a "national quintessence feast" to the citizens of Urumqi with their beautiful singing voices and wonderful performances.

  "Farewell My Concubine", "Second Entry into the Palace", "Three Drops of Blood", "Legend of the White Snake Touring the Lake", "Wang Baochuan", "Suo Lin Nang" and other classic Peking Opera and Qin opera plays were staged one after another. There was also an original performance by the Peking Opera Troupe telling the story of Urumqi The modern drama "Pomegranate is Red".

The wonderful performance is fascinating and makes people feel unsatisfied.

The picture shows a performance of Qin Opera.

Photo by La Xiaofei

  He Tiejun, the national first-level director and deputy head of the Urumqi Peking Opera Troupe (Xinjiang Peking Opera Troupe), said: "Tonight's Lantern Festival opera show will be jointly performed by the Peking Opera Troupe and the Qin Opera Troupe, including Peking Opera and Qin Opera. The opera songs with music Xinjiang style content can be performed in a variety of forms, and the combination of time and length can meet the viewing needs of different audiences."

  Liu Yan, a resident of Urumqi, and her parents enjoyed the whole performance. She said: "You can experience the different singing styles and classic pieces of Peking Opera and Qin Opera at your doorstep. This Lantern Festival is a worthwhile trip!"

The wonderful performance drew applause from the audience.

Photo by La Xiaofei

  During the Lantern Festival, a variety of activities were carried out across Xinjiang to celebrate the Lantern Festival. In addition to watching big plays, people of all ethnic groups also went out of their homes to enjoy the Lantern Festival, watch the fire, enjoy the lanterns, and guess lantern riddles.

The picture shows the original modern play of Peking Opera Troupe - "Pomegranate is Red".

Photo by La Xiaofei

  In Changji City, a Lantern Festival parade performance was grandly held on the street. In addition to traditional social fire items such as dragon dance, lion dance, and gongs and drums, there were also cultural elements of ethnic minorities such as "Hua'er" and Mai Xirepu. Attracted a large crowd of onlookers.

At 20 o'clock, the People's Square of Wushi County was decorated with lanterns and festoons. Various forms of lanterns were beautiful. People of all ethnic groups took pictures in front of the lanterns to experience the strong atmosphere of the Lantern Festival.


At the end of the performance, the actors took a collective call.

Photo by La Xiaofei