Language has its unique temporality and spatiality, and the long history of culture and regional characteristics has created a complex language ecology for Chinese people.

China is one of the countries with the richest language resources in the world today. Chinese is the root of our culture that has been passed down from generation to generation, and it also carries the emotional memory of everyone.

  Where does Chinese come from?

What developments have you experienced?

Why did it become what it is today?

In recent years, literary and artistic works have systematically excavated, sorted out and explored the origin, development and unique charm of the Chinese language, presenting the long-standing and well-established Chinese excellent traditional culture, and bringing a new trend of "language" rooted in the blood.

Recently, the language-themed cultural documentary "Chinese Language" outlines a language landscape that spans time and space through the combing of Chinese language and culture, with a broad perspective and concrete expressions, showing the magnificence and profound meaning of Chinese language, and promoting the language. beauty of.

  Starting from the charm of language, the formation of language and dialect, the evolution of Mandarin, the inheritance of language, the emotions behind language, different communication methods, and the protection of language, the documentary sorts out the inheritance of Chinese language in a macroscopic and detailed way. The context of the book makes every Chinese sentence have traces to follow, and also allows different themes to be dismantled and explained in simple terms.

People can use the "Book of Songs" to search for the pronunciation of ancient Chinese, travel to different regions to find the secrets of dialect tones, and explore the cultural genes of the Chinese people; through population migration, rich terrain and landforms, observe the formation of language and dialects, and get a glimpse of "you The unique language phenomenon of "I am in it, and you in me"; through the past and present life of Mandarin, we can see the changes of Mandarin in the new era and the closer connection between Chinese and Mandarin.

  Language is inseparable from human narration. The exploration perspective of Chinese language not only focuses on the historical evolution of language, but also adopts the perspective of ordinary people to show the diverse charm of Chinese language with simple narration.

"Chinese Dialect" chooses people as the main body of the narrative, and interviews a large number of linguists and hundreds of ordinary Chinese. Their narration makes "Chinese Dialect" have pictures, emotions, and characters. When the audience watches the program, Can naturally find a kind of sense of belonging and familiarity.

There are often rich thoughts and feelings hidden in the nuances of language.

Mother's ballad, "heart" in Hmong language, magical modal particles... Every word and sentence is the carrier of Chinese thinking and the bond of emotion, which arouses people's thinking about daily life, and evokes the warmth and touch deep in memory .

  Chinese is the precious spiritual wealth of Chinese people.

Fragmented reading habits in the digital age make it more urgent to preserve and record the integrity of language.

"Chinese Language" gives language more "visibility" and "visibility" in the form of video, so that the cultural attributes of language can be heard and seen, and vividly and meaningfully preserved in the long history of Chinese culture .

The narration by thousands of people, the presentation of the world, and the records of all kinds, while enriching the audience's thinking dimension, also vividly present the inclusiveness and endless life of Chinese dialect.

  "People's Daily Overseas Edition" (Version 07, February 6, 2023)