[Concurrent] Tai Xiuyong, captain of the dragon lantern team in Taigong Village, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province

  In the new year we are revitalizing the countryside, let's work hard to revitalize the countryside!

  [Concurrent] Ou Xueqian, a member of the dragon lantern team of Changzhong Village, Cuiwen Street, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province

  We have made a 223-meter long dragon. The so-called people are rich, the ecology is beautiful, and the culture is prosperous. We have enough money this year, and our life is getting better every year.

  [Subtitles] Bailong celebrates the Lantern Festival, and the people enjoy a happy new year.

  [Explanation] During the 2023 Lantern Festival, China Taijiang 2023 "Miao Nationality Dance Dragon Booing Flowers" Intangible Cultural Heritage Ceremony kicked off in Taijiang County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province. A total of 100 people from various streets and villages gathered in the county Auspicious dragon.

  [Explanation] Thousands of people are empty, and more than a hundred long dragons gather to celebrate the Lantern Festival.

  [Explanation] The 223-meter-long dragon, the bright dragon and the hard dragon of more than ten meters, the people dressed in festive costumes held various lanterns, formed a square formation and shuttled through the main streets one by one. A folk carnival of dragon lanterns kicked off. , the whole county is full of New Year flavor and joyous.

  [Concurrent] Tourist Song Song

  Coming from Beijing, it was the first time I experienced such a lively scene with such a strong folk flavor. The first experience was very shocking, very happy, and very happy.

  [Concurrent] Tourist Mr. Li

  Since the epidemic in the past three years, I have never seen such a lively scene, and I am very excited.

  [Concurrent] Tourist Huang Yuanfu

  Just in time for the Lantern Festival, I walked around and looked around, and I also felt that Taijiang has a very strong New Year flavor and is also very lively.

  [Explanation] Taijiang County is a county inhabited by ethnic minorities, of which Miao people account for more than 98%, so it is also known as "the first county of Miao people in the world".

The local custom of playing dragon lanterns and dancing dragons to boo flowers during the Lantern Festival has a history of hundreds of years.

Miao compatriots regard the dragon as the god of rain or protection. Everyone gathers together to pay New Year's greetings to each other, praying for good weather, peace and prosperity for the country and the people.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Liangsong, a member of the dragon lantern team of Dade Village, Taigong Street, Taijiang, Guizhou Province

  My grandparents started playing dragons, and my father also played dragons. In our generation, we also love to play dragons. This dragon is also a kind of spiritual sustenance for our Miao people. We also hope to make this intangible cultural heritage ( culture) has been passed on.

  【Subtitle】Bailong Athletic

  [Concurrent] Ou Cheng, President of the Folk Dragon Lantern Association in Taijiang County, Guizhou Province

  The display of this Hundred Dragon Competition is to see which dragon draws better, dances more cleanly and powerfully, and which team's inheritor has the most exquisite skills. Through this activity, the competitive exchanges between villages have been enhanced, and a better A good harmonious society promotes the development of rural areas.

  [Concurrent] Tourist Meng Jun

  It is difficult to see the passion of some actors in their dragon dance. It may be the first display of that kind of passion after the epidemic is lifted. It is very good, really good.

  [Concurrent] Tourist Wu Wei

  The common people travel with their children and the elderly with smiles on their faces. Coming to this place has witnessed the cultural vitality of our Taijiang River and the vitality of the common people.

  (Reported by Tao Guohua, Liang Chuangying, Zhang Jiajing, Yuan Chao, Qiandongnan, Guizhou)

Responsible editor: [Bian Liqun]