Create a "spiritual nomad" in the home of Generation Z

  Use one square meter of space at home to create a garden and rehearsal hall to relieve anxiety and feel life

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  Different from traditional home functional divisions, today's generation Z (usually referring to the generation born between 1995 and 2009) prefers to set up a "retreat" corner at home, a peach blossom garden created by one square meter of space, or a meditation corner, Coffee corner, or mini rehearsal hall, vegetable garden outside the window... After intense work, these small corners can make people relax and regain happiness while showing their personality.

  "Spiritual Nomad of One Square Meter" Family sits around with lights and amiable lights

  Pen, ink, paper and inkstone, tea table and tea tray, in the "one square meter spiritual nomad" space created by myself, @三一小湾 (net name) can enter the heart-flow world of calligraphy and painting.

  Sanyi Xiaoyu is a post-90s generation.

At the beginning of 2022, after undergoing a minor operation, Sanyi Xiaoyu decided to live a chic life. She determined the direction of her hobby—becoming a blogger of painting and calligraphy.

  In 8 days, she transformed the dining table area at home into a new Chinese-style calligraphy and painting corner, and named it the "One Square Meter Spiritual Nomad" space.

  Reading for a nap, chatting with friends, the unique Chinese design also contains its own youth and personality.

Talking about design inspiration, Sanyi Xiaoyu admitted that she is an economics major, not a design major, but because of her hobbies, she keeps accumulating and collecting good-looking designs. There are often beautiful study rooms and displays in the library, if there is something that attracts me, I will write it down."

  The tea set Jiugongge is the favorite part of Sanyi Xiaoyu's "one square meter" space. "This place can be used and displayed. This place can be a tea table, a desk, or a dining table. I want to build a family here Sitting around with lights is amiable.” Sanyi Xiaoyu said that although it is only one square meter, it has brought spiritual growth to her life: “Although it is small, there will be a lot of space when it is stored properly. It is very convenient to read, write, and drink tea; there are more friends at home, and now friends and family members are willing to come to my house for a small gathering, very happy."

  The space of this square meter also continues to expand the new joys of life in Sanyi Xiaoyu: "I will 'export' my study on social networks, which has also become a small side job of mine. I received private messages from some sisters saying If you want to design some spiritual space at home, you will ask me to help with ideas.” Sanyi Xiaoyu said that seeing strange netizens use the inspiration provided by her to design homes, she really feels a sense of accomplishment, and is very happy that her aesthetic concepts have also influenced, help other people.

  "One square meter balcony garden" a paradise in the downtown area

  @克拉克Clark (screen name) who lives in Shanghai, his job is the design director of a technology company, and his other identity is a home blogger.

In 2019, a friend rented an old bungalow built in 1940 to Clark.

Outside the bungalows, the Shanghai-style community environment has been well preserved.

Combined with the external environment, Clark built a unique workbench in this house and created a one-square-meter balcony garden. Although it is an ultra-miniature space design, these two designs effectively enhance the comfort of the mind, allowing him to Gained many fans on social platforms.

  "At that time, I just wanted to use the balcony and raise some plants." Clark said, at first he raised rosemary, lemongrass, and mint to repel mosquitoes, and later added Boston fern, wolf tail, blue snowflake, bird of paradise, and lyre. Ye Rong..."As more and more species were added, a small garden with a certain degree of comfort was slowly built."

  Being with plants gives Clark a special joy.

Originally a "plant killer", he gradually became a gardening enthusiast.

In addition to plants, Clark also added camping chairs and small furniture from urban stooping (the original meaning is "to bend over", and it is extended to pick up discarded items that are still valuable) on the balcony, adding vitality to this small space. outdoor experience.

  Although the balcony garden is not big, Clark has gained a lot: "Taking care of and pruning these plants at ordinary times can exercise concentration, let people enter a state of flow, and gain peace of mind." What makes him grateful is, "One The square meter balcony garden” not only added happiness, but also allowed him to gain precious home experience during the epidemic. “In the past three years, I spent a lot more time at home. This outdoor balcony made me feel more connected with the outside world and relieved a lot of stress. Anxiety at the time."

  For Clark, this "one-square-meter balcony garden" is his paradise.

Especially on sunny days, Clark will stay on the balcony for a long time. In addition to reading, drinking tea, and coffee, Clark will also sketch in the one-square-meter balcony garden. The street view is limited, but the perspective of observation can extend far: from my balcony, there is a big plane tree, and the small balcony becomes a bridge connecting with the sky, where I can hear the birdsong , Seeing squirrels, these are all experiences that can only be experienced after carefully building a balcony garden, and the feeling is very healing."

  "One square meter coffee corner" dormitory can also become a charging station for the soul

  Since Dapan bought a "one-square-meter coffee corner" at home, he obviously feels comfortable and relaxed.

Touch the utensils you like, arrange the cups neatly, weigh the beans, grind the beans, heat the filter paper... During the brewing process, watch the water column injected by the hand pouring pot continue to circle around, and the powder bed and foam also rise and fall. It made him feel so comfortable and so relieved.

  Da Pan, born in the 90s, came up with the idea of ​​setting up a coffee corner in order to drink a cup of hand-made coffee in the dormitory of his work unit.

"Day after day, this corner began to bring me comfort." Da Pan adhered to the principle of simplicity and practicality, and continued to add and add on the basis of the original folding chairs and small tables purchased earlier in the dormitory. Upgrade your own coffee equipment, filter cups, hand pour pots, thermometers... The shelves, hanging pictures, small desk calendars and bottles and cans of coffee beans found on the Internet have become members of this coffee corner.

  This coffee corner began to become a charging station for Dapan’s soul. After finishing the busy work in the morning, sit here, drink a cup of coffee, slowly wash the utensils, and then take a short rest, then you can "resurrect with full blood" on the spot, and then devote yourself to the afternoon at work.

  Sometimes, Da Pan invites his roommates to share the leisure time in the coffee corner.

His roommate is an audiophile and has his own audio corner in the dormitory with a collection of many discs.

When drinking coffee in Dapan, he sometimes plays some symphony, the music "matches" the coffee, and the dormitory is their spiritual rest station.

  "Small space, big space." When talking about his layout experience, Da Pan emphasized the principles of easy storage, multi-functionality, and beauty, especially the convenience of storage, which can save him a lot of time and effort in organizing the space. energy.

Recently, the unit remodeled the dormitory, and his one-square-meter coffee corner has been packed into a small 16-inch box, turning it into a "spiritual box".

  "One-square-meter rehearsal hall" can be switched from desk to bar at will

  Because of his large frame and poor conditions, ballet can only be regarded as A Dong's hobby.

"But I hope to use my efforts to prove that fat girls can also love dancing." She began to learn ballet at the age of four or five. As a very hardworking student in the class, her softness and technical skills are among the best.

  The love for ballet has persisted until now, and Dong is used to spending one hour a day for soft opening training.

Due to the epidemic, she was unable to attend classes in institutions for a long time, and ballet relies heavily on venues and space, so A Dong chose to build a mini rehearsal hall at home.

  "It's all arranged by myself." As soon as he had this idea, A Dong acted immediately.

Some skipping ropes and yoga bricks are off-the-shelf, while large items such as mirrors, handlebars, and floor glue are new purchases.

"Large pieces are custom-made according to the size of the design, and we choose good-looking and practical styles. However, due to lack of experience, the size of the measurements at the beginning was not suitable, but the patchwork finally fits perfectly." A Dong said.

  A Dong is a doctoral student. He usually has a lot of study pressure and needs such a space to relax his body and comfort his mind.

She often reads literature for a whole day, and she is under great pressure both physically and mentally, and this corner is in her study.

When he was tired from studying, A Dong stretched his muscles and bones in this "rehearsal hall" and did simple stretching.

The "one-square-meter rehearsal hall" helps her switch from the desk to the bar at will, allowing her to relax her mind for a short time at any time.

  In addition to the meaning brought to her by love, A Dong said that the sense of accomplishment when practicing ballet in this corner can also make her no longer anxious and get rid of her troubles.

She believes that long-term persistence in the "one square meter" space has become her habit.

  "One square meter edible garden" brings back the taste of childhood

  Outside Kara's studio, there is a "one-square-meter edible garden": tomatoes, herbs, sweet peppers... a dazzling array.

The tomato in Kara's childhood memory has smooth pulp, sweet juice and rich sweet taste.

Carla wanted to rediscover the tomato flavor of her childhood: crunchier, waterier, the kind that dripped with juice when she took a bite.

So, she decided to start cultivating "the taste of childhood" by herself.

Karla wants to keep things simple in her growing process.

Banana peels are used as fertilizer, cut into pieces, soaked and left to stand for several months to become organic enzymes; after vanilla blossoms and sets seeds, new seeds fall into the soil, and new shoots emerge without too much intervention...

  The simple planting method will not take up too much energy, but will improve happiness and reduce internal friction.

Carla said that kind of happiness and touch is unparalleled.

There is a constant flow of traffic in the city, and under the busy appearance of the fingertips of the "workers", most of them are empty in heart.

"I'm very busy at work, but it's very healing to see them when I go home." Kara looked at these tomatoes and sighed.

  Tired of work and business transactions, Carla often fell into confusion and questioned the meaning of her life... And whenever she returned to this small garden, squatting down to take care of these "little lives" gifted by nature, her soul would be able to regain consciousness. Return to calm.

  "One square meter reading corner" shared rent also enjoy life

  "I've been reading "Disqualification in the World" recently, and I haven't finished it yet." After returning home from work, Tao Zi used to stay quietly in the reading corner he set up, reading some favorite books.

When she is very tired, reading a book or watching a movie in this corner will make her feel at home in this small rental house.

  Tao Zi is a new media worker and shares the rent with others.

"After get off work, I often lie on the bed and play with my mobile phone." At first, Tao Zi set up this corner to have a sofa, so that he could have a relaxing space in the small rental house.

After the sofa came into play, she felt a little monotonous again, so she added small tea tables one after another, pasted stickers, put her books here, and the reading corner gradually took shape.

  "The house is rented, and the life is his own." Tao Zi enjoyed the process of furnishing it himself.

After the arrangement was completed, she enthusiastically posted a Moments. The compliments from her friends gave her a sense of accomplishment, so she began to share her photos and arrangement experience of "One Square Meter Reading Corner" on other social platforms.

  Tao Zi likes the warm feeling of the room. Although she is wandering outside and far away from home, she will feel at ease and relaxed when reading in this corner.

The single sofa inside has two floors, which can accommodate two people when it is stretched out. Sometimes when friends come, the two will chat and drink tea together here, sharing each other's lives, which also brings her great comfort.

  (The interviewees in this article are all pseudonyms unless marked)

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