When Bill Gates announced, in a 2015 lecture, the dangers of new viruses that could empty the earth of its inhabitants, his words were not taken seriously, but he was forcefully restored after the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), and he was accused of what was happening as a conspiracy against humanity, and that vaccines Equipped with electronic intelligence chips, and although science refutes much of the conspiracy theory, the reality of science is witnessing rapid progress towards what is more dangerous and deeper, and reproduces the conspiracy theory in possible ways that can empty the current world with a genetically modified and technologically manufactured world.

6 years ago today, American businessman Elon Musk launched a company called "Neuralink", whose goal is to develop a chip implanted in the brain to enable humans to wirelessly control computers and turn humans into cyborg beings (Cyborg), where technology is integrated into bodies and nervous systems.

In August 2020, the company displayed its first chip integrated into the brain of a pig that reads information from its brain and enters it into it via electronic waves.

Musk did not stop at this point, but rather his company for electric cars, Tesla, is developing the first automatic driving program for cars, and Tesla cars will be the first car that drives itself, and Google and Apple will compete in that program.

Going back to before 700 BC, the famous Greek poet Hesiodos narrates in his poem "Works and Days" in the year 700 BC, the story of King Minos (the legendary king of Crete), who wanted to protect his kingdom from intruders without bothering the costs of protection and supervision, so Hephaestus (the god of technology and crafts in Greek mythology) by making his most important invention, which is a bronze statue in the form of a huge human being with exceptional strength and moving with the energy of "the blood of the gods", as he was patrolling 3 times a day to protect the kingdom from intruders, until he was confronted one day by the witch Medea (daughter of Aetes, king of Colchis). With a trick from it, eternal life was offered to him, and because he had the human spirit and the love of eternity like any living being. Before the offer, he was stripped of the blood of the gods and fell to the ground, which was his end.

In myth, the god Hephaestus called his invention Talos, marking the first human record of a robot in history.

When we think of the world of cyborgs today, we think of ultra-futuristic beings with laser eyes and clawed arms reminiscent of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

But the reality of this cyber enhancement, or integrating technology into our bodies to replace or improve the function as Elon Musk wants it, is a completely different matter, as the field of electronic enhancement or improvement dates back hundreds of years, since the 19th century people had the idea of ​​​​the possibility of using electricity to replicate some functions. Alessandro Volta (1745-1827) and Luigi Galvani (1737-1798) were the first to demonstrate that animals use electricity in their bodies, with early experiments using electricity to stimulate muscle contractions in frogs and other animals.

Today, the concept of a cyborg or what is called (the cyber organism) expresses this narration between man and machine, which entered a complex situation with the prosperity of the prosthetic devices industry, after World War II, to replace a lost body part, and this industry advanced due to wars and car accidents, But the 21st century is the real beginning of overcoming the boundaries between the body and the machine.

Cyborgs have come a long way from just being imagined on screens.

Today the majority of biologists in Britain believe that a "cyborg" is a being consisting of a mixture of organic and biomechatronic components, that will rule the planet by the end of this century.

The writer of myths, science fiction, environment and chemistry, the British scientist James Lovelock, predicts a world dominated by artificial intelligence, because these beings will be able to think tens of thousands of times faster than humans.

Lovelock also claims that although "cyborgs" will rule the planet, they will not kill us.

In reality, he believes, she will need humans, "though we shall be subordinate to her."

Lovelock believes that the rise of "cyborgs" to dominate the planet is part of evolution, while experts in companies such as "Google" and "Microsoft" believe that robots will steal half of the current jobs in the world, within 15 years.

Based on the foregoing, the idea of ​​linking and merging humans with machines is an old renewed idea, and with what humanity is experiencing today at the gates of the Fifth Industrial Revolution, our bodies and brains have become more connected to technology than ever before, and cyborgs and robots are no longer essential elements in science fiction.

And the cyborg is not necessarily a person, but may be an animal or any other thing alive, in light of the rapid and frightening growth at the same time in the manufacture of electronic chips that can be implanted under the skin of humans and animals, and the advanced development in the genetic editing industry, which scientists confirm will have repercussions. On humanity, which he will place in front of a mysterious future ruled by genetically modified creatures equipped with technologies that increase the efficiency of the senses and organs of the body, are we, are we ready for this future?