(Chinese New Year at the grassroots level) Visit Asia's largest cloth market: Chinese New Year "hot opening" cloth merchants are full of confidence

  China News Service, Shaoxing, February 5th (Reporter Xiang Jing) "The popularity is very strong at the beginning of the year!" Cloth merchant Wang Jiangfeng has been deeply involved in the North Union Market of China Textile City for 19 years. Seeing the "return" of familiar popularity, he is full of confidence in New Year's business , and predict that the order volume will be "up to a higher level" than in previous years.

  As the largest cloth market in Asia, China Textile City, located in Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, handles more than 50,000 kinds of fabrics, and its textiles are exported to 192 countries and regions.

In the week since the resumption of the market in the Spring Festival, the market's passenger flow has exceeded 1 million, reaching the highest level in the same period in the past three years.

Among them, the opening rate of Beilian Market, which focuses on curtain fabrics, is close to 100%.

Cloth merchants exchange children's curtain fabric items

  The reporter recently visited the market and found that a large number of buyers and business operators maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards this year's market, and hope to seize the "hot start" to do a lot.

  Buyers are coming in droves, merchants are trading hotly, and merchants are packing and shipping... In the past few days, there has been a lively scene in the market.

The "husband and wife shop" run by Wang Jiangfeng is located on the fourth floor of Beilian Market, and the two rented shops sell children's curtains exclusively.

Business households sort out curtain sample items

  After the market opens in the Spring Festival, every afternoon is their busiest time.

"The market is huge. Customers walk from the first floor to the fourth floor. They usually arrive at our house in the afternoon." Wang Jiangfeng, who is familiar with the market, mentioned in an interview that in order to attract new and old customers, they specially launched 3 sets of new products this year. The number of orders has increased by 20% to 30% compared to last year."

  "Business in the beginning of the year is good overall, and I feel a very obvious signal of recovery." Unlike merchants who focus on fabric sales, Hu Chang, the store manager of "Fangfei Season" focuses on the integration of "cloth" and "art", and is committed to all categories of soft furnishings. Design and research and development, and a variety of new flower patterns will be launched this year.

While harvesting new orders, he also looks forward to opening up foreign trade markets.

  Hu Chang told reporters that for more than ten years, its innovatively designed textiles have been selling well at home and abroad, but the new crown epidemic has caused many foreign trade businesses to press the "pause button". Goods sold all over the world".

Merchants moving fabric items that are about to be shipped

  Because of the pieces of "cloth", Keqiao has attracted a large number of foreign businessmen to innovate and start businesses.

Bobby, an Indian trader, has settled down in Keqiao. After the resumption of the China Textile City, he visited many stores.

"Whether it is my customers or market operators, everyone is full of confidence in this year's business." Bobby said, "In the past two days, many Indian customers have called and plan to visit China in February. I also look forward to more and more new customers. more."

  Behind the "hotness" of the new year's opening, some cloth merchants have maintained a "calmness".

  The business owner Wang Li has been in the Beilian Market for ten years. Facing the bustling crowd in the market, Wang Li said that "the business is definitely better than in previous years", but he also believes that it still needs a certain recovery time.

Buyers and operators discuss fabric business items

  In addition to "soliciting business" in the market, Wang Li also took time to live broadcast "carrying goods", making efforts both online and offline.

"Although there is a lot of traffic in the beginning of the year, the sales of fabrics also have a certain seasonality. Only by calmly thinking and responding calmly can we get back the lost orders." Wang Li said.

  A year's plan lies in spring, and the new atmosphere is the confidence to win a "good start".

Ji Jiangfeng, deputy general manager of Zhejiang China Textile City Group Co., Ltd., said in an interview that the hardware in the market has been "upgraded and upgraded" on the eve of the local Spring Festival, and at the same time try to meet the needs of business operators for decoration during the Spring Festival holiday.

According to statistics, more than 300 stores in Beilian Market have been renovated this year.

  When visiting the market recently, Chen Hao, Secretary of the Keqiao District Party Committee, said that in the new year, we should make greater efforts to cultivate the market professionally, use better supporting hardware to help merchants develop, and use more channels to attract merchants and customers. At the same time, take advantage of opportunities such as "China Railway Express" and "Overseas Exhibition" to strengthen the export-oriented economy and promote the continuous prosperity and development of China Textile City.