, Guangzhou, February 5th (Reporter Cai Minjie) During the Lantern Festival on February 5th, at the site of the Millennium Ancient Road on Beijing Road in Guangzhou, gongs and drums were clanging, and a hundred people lined up. At the opening, several actors dressed as "Five Immortals" held rice ears to present to the people, and Cantonese opera characters interacted with the citizens... The 2023 Canton Temple Fair kicked off on the 5th, and the folk culture parade reappeared on the streets of downtown Guangzhou.

  Cantonese culture has extensive influence at home and abroad.

Among them, the Guangfu Temple Fair is a Cantonese cultural carnival event and a brand of folk culture. It is held during the traditional Lantern Festival and includes blessing culture, folk culture and food culture.

Photo by Chen Jimin at the start of the Guangfu Temple Fair

  On that day, it was rainy and overcast in Guangzhou, but it was difficult to stop the enthusiasm of the citizens for the Lantern Festival.

Located in the Guangzhou intangible cultural heritage block near Beijing Road, more than 20 kinds of intangible cultural heritage items and Cantonese characteristic cultural and creative brands have settled in. Citizens hold umbrellas along the street to watch and experience traditional skills.

A large number of citizens gathered in front of the booths of intangible cultural heritage activities such as Canton Color, Tongcao Painting, Olive Carving, and Cake Printing.

  In front of the Metaverse booth of "Yuexiu Cultural Tourism", there are children wearing VR glasses and handheld devices to start a roaming tour of Yuexiu.

According to reports, at this Cantonese Temple Fair, the Cantonese Temple Fair Metaverse, which integrates technologies such as VR, AR, and virtual live broadcast, was launched. Citizens can roam the rich scenes of Cantonese online and experience digital interactive experiences.

Guangfu temple fair folk culture parade returns to the streets Photo by Chen Jimin

  Rao Yuanyuan, an expert on Cantonese folklore, said that the Cantonese Temple Fair has always maintained the flavor of folklore and Cantonese, while focusing on innovation and change, so that more and more young people have become "fans" of Cantonese Temple Fairs and fell in love with traditional culture.

  Yang Weiguo, Director of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, said that starting from the fifteenth day of the first lunar month (February 5th), the Guangfu Temple Fair will hold a number of high-quality theatrical performances and flash mobs.

Among them, the Cantonese Temple Fair food area opened 34 food stalls, mainly focusing on Cantonese tastes, gathering roast squab, cold fish skin, egg tarts and other specialties at home and abroad.

  It is worth noting that the Guangfu Temple Fair opened the intangible cultural heritage night market for the first time, and set up a large-scale "Super Rabbit" lantern and poetry lighting on the site.