Colin Powell took the secret of the contents of his test tube to the grave.

No one to ask.

The American Secretary of State did not live a year and a half before the dubious anniversary.

What exactly he took to the UN headquarters on February 5, 2003, no one knows.

And yet, more and more of those who, having seen enough of Powell's repentant interviews, repeat after him that, they say, everyone knew from the very beginning that inside the transparent bottle was a dummy, and not anthrax spores.

This is, in a sense, a lie that has become common place, in fact, it is easy to refute both text and picture.

Even on the broadcast footage of that meeting of the UN Security Council 20 years ago, the anxiety of the members of the US delegation sitting behind Powell is clearly visible.

They did not doubt for a second that invisible death was at arm's length from them.

Just look at their eyes.

There are also big plans.

American diplomats themselves will successfully avoid everything bad.

The genie that escaped from the test tube will not be a rapidly spreading infection (weapons of mass destruction will not be found in Saddam Hussein - neither biological nor nuclear), but by the hands of American soldiers will kill Iraqis thousands of kilometers from New York.

The war will take more than a million lives, blow up the Middle East and give rise to monsters like ISIS*.

But the main thing is that 

a dangerous post-truth virus will forever penetrate the politics of the West from the same test tube


With all its new strains, the rest of the world faces to this day.

Powell's appeal itself was, of course, a classic technique for shaping post-truth.

Not caring about facts, he appealed to fears.

Speaking about the danger allegedly emanating from Iraq, he recalled the Ameritrax incident, which had nothing to do with this country, which occurred in America in September 2001.

The envelopes containing the contagion that killed five people were sent by an American military medic, not by Saddam Hussein.

But the deed was done.

After all, five days before Powell's speech at the UN, George W. Bush and Tony Blair had already approved the date for the start of the bombing.

10th of March.

It will then be rescheduled for only ten days.

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It is generally accepted that the head of the CIA, George Tenet, was the foreman of this lie.

He fabricated a fake.

Tenet had an assistant.

Escaped from Iraq to Germany engineer Ahmed al-Janabi, nicknamed Twisted Ball.

He specifically (out of hatred for Hussein, which he later proudly admitted) said that he allegedly personally supervised the construction of mobile biological laboratories.

I even drew drawings from memory.

The Americans will bring them to mind.

They will turn it into "intelligence data".

Scott Ritter, chief inspector of the UN Commission for Monitoring, Control and Inspection of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction, tried to stop the catastrophe to the last.

Now he is an active critic of Biden's policies in Ukraine.

Biden (still a senator at the time) then also attacked Ritter for being too straightforward.

Ritter will be broken through the knee, demanded to search the presidential palaces to find mythical laboratories.

A mission doomed to failure in advance should logically lead to failure.

But it was required.

The final chord will be a conversation at the US Permanent Mission to the UN, where Ritter was openly ordered to arrange a provocation by a certain date.

I didn’t arrange it, but they started bombing anyway.

Well, since then, the post-truth will continue to spread around the planet.

Turning off minds, capturing emotions, parasitizing on complexes.

Entire nations will be taken into circulation, which will commit acts of collective suicide of statehood and sovereignty.

A series of "color revolutions".

"Arab spring".

The invasion of Libya and the assassination of Gaddafi.

The war in Syria, and now in Ukraine, accusations of Russian interference in the American elections, and much more.

Like a mirror of trolls, a test tube, breaking into a million fragments, will distort the usual proportions.

And how symbolic that this evil force returns to those who released it from there, right before the dubious anniversary.

The main topic in the United States now is the epic around the Chinese balloon, which in Beijing is called a meteorological balloon, and in Washington - an unmanned reconnaissance vehicle.

The ball, ordered by Joe Biden, is shot down by a missile launched from an F-22.

Fragments of what was suspended under the ball are being fished off the coast of South Carolina, but whatever the Americans say about the finds now, in the era after February 5, 2003, everything will be only their version of events.

Which many in the world will not believe just because it is the American version.

The post-truth returns to the scene of the crime.

And yet it is impossible to argue with one fact.

For the first time since World War II, American pilots shot down a foreign air target over US soil.


last time this happened was in June 1942

, when a Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter was shot down during a Japanese air attack at Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

Three years remained before the Yalta peace, which for many decades would protect America from the repetition of such incidents.

Now this world is gone.

And he, too, vanished at the bottom of Colin Powell's test tube.

* "Islamic State" (ISIS, ISIL) - the organization was recognized as a terrorist organization by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of December 29, 2014.

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