• Music From the Benidorm Fest favorites to the candidates who seem like a joke

Spain has taken

a giant step to win the next edition of Eurovision


Because the well-deserved triumph of Blanca Paloma in the second edition of the Benidorm Fest means that we are going to bring one of the highest quality candidacies in many years

to the largest music festival in the world


Blanca Paloma, the only repeater in Benidorm, did not start as a favorite.

And it is true that his song, that exciting and delicate lullaby that is


, does not have those catchy ingredients that make some songs become hymns on first listen, as was the case in 2022, for example, with

Rigoberta Bandini's

Ay mamá .

But the woman from Elche has starred

in the chanelazo of the year


Some superb vocal qualities, a brilliant staging, an overwhelming power on stage and the immense credibility of her proposal already made her from the semifinal on Thursday into the clear and well-deserved winner of the

passport to Liverpool


Blanca Paloma claims her roots every minute, which is very good, and



But, in reality, she will go to Eurovision with a revisited flamenco that goes perfectly with electronic music.

It can be affirmed that

we are going with a very Spanish candidacy

, which will make us absolutely different and recognizable as a country throughout Europe and Australia -who also vote there- but

without the clichés of the españolada

, that is, of that exaggeration of the clichés that we carry and that such bad results have always given us in Eurovision.

How can we not remember the zero points of the great artists

Conchita Bautista

, with

Qué bueno, qué bueno

, in 1965;


Remedios Amaya

and her

Quién maneja mi barca

, in 1983. And

Antonio Carbonell

's little flamenco in 1996 didn't like anything beyond the Pyrenees either.

On the other hand, the

Azúcar Moreno

races put the Europeans in the pocket with another type of fusion that also transmitted a very modern image of our deepest roots.

Yesterday was an extraordinary Benidorm Fest final.

The energy shown by the eight opponents,

generally well above their performances in the semifinals

, has been spectacular and a brutal enjoyment for the spectator.

Good for a RTVE that must continue betting on this contest in which, yes,

there are plenty of candidacies of as much amateurism as those that were seen on Tuesday


That should not be confused with


of social networks;

Everyone who shows up for a bona fide like this deserves love and respect, but both the artists and the chain must define where they want to take this.

And if something has been demonstrated this Saturday, it is that a lot of tables are needed, a lot of stage command, a lot of self-confidence and a lot of voice to be able to do something dignified and competitive on a similar stage.

May the Sofía Martín

, the


or the

Twin Melody

forgive me

, I hope they have a long career ahead of them, but this was too big for them.

And for next year it would not be a bad thing, yes, if there were more presence of those well-rounded songs and from the


orbit that would sound on the radio or on Spotify, something that this year only


will achieve -one of 18, something is wrong- .

The authenticity of the artist does not have to be incompatible with a certain commerciality that would help the Benidorm Fest to widen the public

, one of his pending subjects.

Finally, someone tell us where our votes from last night have gone so that Mónica Naranjo goes to Eurovision.

How are we Eurofans not going to forgive the panther of pop the nonsense that she has released these years at Eurovision if she later shows, as she did this Saturday, that

there is no other homeland diva that can overshadow her


Her participation in the Eurofestival, which unfortunately we will never see, would be a guaranteed victory.

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