A 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after stabbing a 71-year-old woman at a laundromat in Matsuyama.

After that, the woman was confirmed dead, and the police changed the charge to murder and are investigating the details.

Akinari Nakagawa (21) from Kono Nakasuka, Matsuyama City, was arrested.

According to the police, around 10 am on the 5th, at a coin laundry in Kono Nakasuka, Matsuyama City, Chiyoko Nakagawa (71), who lives nearby, was stabbed multiple times with a knife-like knife, and was suspected of attempted murder. It is

Immediately after the incident, there was a call from a suspect who appeared to be from a nearby police box saying, "I killed someone at a laundromat." is.

At that time, there were no customers other than the two in the store, and the suspect who was outside the store admitted to the suspicion that he was "no doubt", so he was arrested on the spot.

Police say the two do not appear to know each other.

Mr. Nakagawa was confirmed dead while being transported to the hospital, and the police are investigating the details by switching the suspicion to murder.

People who live nearby "an ambulance came and made a noise"

A man who lives nearby said, ``I was surprised that the ambulance came and the neighborhood was noisy.The woman who died was an acquaintance and I was very surprised.''

Also, a woman who lives nearby said, "I'm very surprised and scared that something that happens in the city is happening close to me."