, Zhaoqing, February 5th (Cai Minjie and Zhang Shuimu) "Dragon Mother" cultural parade, folk art parade, firecrackers attacking lions, spring sacrifice to Confucius, lion dance competition...February 5th Lantern Festival, Guangdong The streets and alleys of Deqing County, Zhaoqing are noisy with gongs and drums. The 2023 Deqing County Lantern Festival Folk Art Parade series will attract more than 100,000 citizens and tourists to gather in Deqing to celebrate the Lantern Festival.

  Deqing is the hometown of "Dragon Mother". The custom of "Dragon Mother Cultural Parade" in the first month has a long history.

At 9:30 on the same day, the folk art parade of the Lantern Festival in Deqing County began.

  The "Golden Rooster Clarifies Dawn and Takes a New Journey" performance team vividly demonstrated the living habits of roosters such as crowing, foraging, playing, fighting, and homing.

"Deqing Rooster Dance" originated in Boyin Village, Wulong Town, Deqing County. Inspired by the shape of a rooster, the ancestors used bamboo strips, colored cloth and other materials to make it look like a rooster. Chicken", praying for happiness and auspiciousness.

  The "Rural Revitalization Butterfly Dance" performance team performed the Maxu Butterfly Dance, an intangible cultural heritage item.

Butterfly dance is a kind of folk prop dance handed down from generation to generation in Maxu Town, Deqing County. During the harvest season, villagers dance "colorful butterflies" in groups to express their good wishes to celebrate the harvest and wish prosperity.

  The well-known folk activity in the Xijiang River Basin - "Fireballs Attacking Lions" is also the highlight of the Lantern Festival in Deqing.

In Deqing County, the folk custom of lion dance to celebrate the New Year has a history of more than one thousand years. Every Spring Festival, every household invites the lion dance to celebrate the New Year, and then lights a string of firecrackers and throws them at the "lion" to show "respect".

On the day of the Lantern Festival, all shops and enterprises in Deqing County will invite the lion dance team to come to the lion dance to pick greens, and then organize personnel to light firecrackers to "attack" the lions. To accept the "attack" of firecrackers, it is necessary to dance with the spirit of a lion and avoid the firecrackers of the "exploders". The whole activity is thrilling and fun.

  On the day of the Lantern Festival, Deqing Academy also held a spring festival to worship Confucius, performing performances such as Liuyi dance and student dance in traditional ways, inheriting and carrying forward the essence of Confucianism, promoting the social custom of respecting teachers and emphasizing education, promoting excellent traditional culture, and highlighting the The unique charm of "City of Chongde".

In addition, activities such as lantern riddles in the garden, lion dance competitions, cultural evenings, and fireworks displays are also staged in turn on the day of the Lantern Festival, allowing the general public and tourists to immerse themselves in a lively and peaceful atmosphere.