Regarding the epidemic of influenza, the number of patients per medical institution reported in the week ending on the 29th of last month was 10.36 nationwide, exceeding the "alert level" of 10 people, which is likely to cause a major epidemic. rice field.

Experts are calling for thorough infection control, saying that the infection may reach its peak in the next few weeks.

According to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and others, the number of influenza patients reported from about 5,000 medical institutions nationwide in the week ending on the 29th of last month was 51,219, 1.08 times the previous week.

The number of patients per week per medical institution was 10.36, exceeding the "warning level" of 10, which is said to indicate that a major epidemic may occur within the next four weeks.

In addition, the number of patients nationwide estimated from this number is about 301,000.

Of these

, 41.23 in Okinawa Prefecture exceeded the "alert level" level of 30 for the third consecutive week, which is considered to be a major epidemic.

In addition, 16 prefectures exceeded the "alert level" of 10 people,

▽ Fukui Prefecture with 25.38 people,

▽ Osaka Prefecture with 24.34 people,

▽ Fukuoka Prefecture with 21.70 people,

▽ Kyoto Prefecture with 20.24 people, and so on. It is increasing mainly in Kansai.

Professor Kazuhiro Tateda of Toho University, who is well versed in infectious diseases, said, "The pace of the spread of infection has slowed somewhat, but the flu usually peaks around February, so we need to be especially careful over the next few weeks. I want you to take infection control measures such as wearing a certain mask."