Recently, Peng Xianquan, a man from Shandong, came to Yichang, Hubei by bicycle. He hoped to thank Da Yunfei, the deputy director of the Dagongqiao Police Station of the Wujiagang District Branch of the Yichang Public Security Bureau, for his help 33 years ago. After learning that Da Yunfei had passed away two years ago Finally, he expressed his gratitude to Da Yunfei's wife.

  In 1989, 17-year-old Peng Xianquan rode a bicycle to Yichang alone to explore Gezhouba.

A few months later, Peng Xianquan spent all his money and was desperate, so he finally came to the Dagongqiao Police Station for help.

Da Yunfei was on duty at that time. After learning about Peng Xianquan's situation, Da Yunfei brought a bowl of hot food home and gave Peng Xianquan 20 yuan to encourage him to study hard and not give up.

  With the 20 yuan travel expenses, Peng Xianquan returned to Shandong smoothly.

Since then, Peng Xianquan has not only made some achievements in geology, but also has a happy family.

However, the 20 yuan and the bowl of food 33 years ago have made Peng Xianquan grateful to this day.

On the way, he wrote a thank you letter to Da Yunfei, but there was no response, so he always wanted to say thank you to Da Yunfei face to face.

  During the Spring Festival of 2023, Peng Xianquan rode a locomotive and set off from Jinan, Shandong, to the Dagongqiao Police Station.

After Peng Xianquan explained his purpose to the police, he was told that Da Yunfei had passed away two years ago.

Later, the police helped to contact Da Yunfei's wife, Ms. Zheng, who was very moved when she learned of Peng Xianquan's visit, and said that this is what her husband should do as a people's policeman.

(Dong Xiaobin and Zhang Qian Longjiang Yali video source from Wujiagang District Public Security Bureau, Yichang City)

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]