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By4M Studio, which announced a return to the entertainment industry that was not discussed with actress Shim Eun-ha after being scammed by an agent, has officially apologized.

On the 3rd, BypoM Studio (hereafter referred to as BypoM) distributed a press release to the media, saying, “Actress Shim Eun-ha, we deeply apologize for causing concern by conveying untrue information to those who came across the head office’s report as well as actress Shim Eun-ha.” told

On the 1st, By4M announced that Shim Eun-ha would return to acting after 22 years of retirement, saying, “Last year, we signed a contract with Shim Eun-ha to appear in a work and paid a down payment.

However, Shim Eun-ha's side said that the report was "unfounded" and was embarrassed that she had never met By PoM or received a down payment.

In response, Shim Eun-ha's side also filed a complaint with the police for defamation of By4M and the reporter who reported the first news about the appearance contract.

As it turns out, this was a scam in which Mr. A, who deceived BypoM as Shim Eun-ha's agent, stole money from the middle.

By4M said, "Around February 2022, we signed a contract with a company headed by Mr. A, Shim Eun-ha's agent, and paid 1.5 billion won out of a total of 3 billion won in appearance fee. A series of materials and actions, such as Mr. A's words that there was a deposit and delivery of the down payment, the actor's seal presented to us by Mr. A, documents with related seals, text messages, etc. All of them have been confirmed to be false."

In response, By4M bowed their heads and said, "We apologize to actress Shim Eun-ha and her family for causing concern with this controversy." told

Regarding Mr. A, who was accused of fraud, By4M said, "As a result of internal reference checks at the time, as a result of the reference check, the person in charge of our company is also a person with long experience in the industry, so he was introduced to Mr. A through a famous entertainment producer in the industry. As a person who served as the CEO of an entertainment company, he was a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, so I didn't have much doubts."

At the same time, he promised, "We will thoroughly check and improve the verification process internally to prevent recurrence."

(Reporter Kang Seon-ae of SBS Entertainment News)