A transportation company in Tokyo that had been contracted to develop mobile phone base stations for Rakuten Mobile was pointed out by the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau to have hidden income of more than 7 billion yen. I found out what I was receiving from the interview with the people involved.

The transportation company "TRAIL" in Minato-ku, Tokyo was subject to additional taxation.

This company was contracted to transport construction materials for Rakuten Mobile's mobile phone base station through a logistics company in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. It was found that there was a suspicion that the outsourcing fee and delivery fee paid to the vendor were inflated and the profit was made to look less.

The total amount of hidden income was more than 7 billion yen in the three years until the fiscal year ended March last year, and about 3 billion yen was taxed in addition to the additional tax.

Regarding this work, Rakuten Mobile dismissed the employee and filed a criminal complaint with the police in August last year, saying that the employee was colluding with a logistics company in Chiyoda Ward to inflate the cost and embezzled money.

It is believed that the illegally obtained funds were shared by the president of "TRAIL" with the dismissed Rakuten Mobile employees.

According to a private credit research company, "TRAIL" seems to be proceeding with bankruptcy proceedings, and the attorney's office is "currently unavailable and unable to respond."