Can you make a lot of money by relying on a company for a certificate?

New scam!

Yangzhou destroys "certificate-affiliated" fraud gang worth more than one million yuan

  Yangzi Evening News (Correspondent Lu Chen, reporter Chen Yong) On February 2, the Yangzhou Gaoyou police reported that a victim believed in the lie of a certificate and a job to earn money, and was defrauded of paying a security deposit of more than 5,000 yuan.

After several days of investigation, the police arrested 17 criminal suspects in Jiangxi and identified more than 1 million yuan of funds involved in the case.

  The criminal police team of Gaoyou City Public Security Bureau investigated and learned that the victim Xiao Wang received a call from a self-proclaimed "consulting company in Jiangxi", saying that he could help Xiao Wang find a part-time job with the certificate. part-time fee.

Xiao Wang added the WeChat of "Fengxiang Consulting Director Hu", and the other party sent Xiao Wang two certificate photos, one is a smart builder certificate, the other is a carbon emission management certificate, and asked Xiao Wang to provide personal information.

After Xiao Wang provided the truth, the other party said that a company would contact him later.

Later, Xiao Wang received a call from "enterprise personnel", who talked about the purpose, cost and contract period of the certificate, and asked Xiao Wang to connect with the intermediary company on related matters.

Xiao Wang contacted Director Hu of the "consulting agency", and the other party asked Xiao Wang to sign a guarantee contract and pay a deposit of 5,000 yuan.

After Xiao Wang transferred 5,000 yuan to the other party, he found out that he had been cheated.

  According to the police, the act of renting out certificates has long been prohibited by laws and regulations.

Leaving aside the fact that "Fengxiang Consulting" has provided false certificates, its act of deceiving others to make money by affiliating with enterprises through certificates has been suspected of fraud.

The case is still in progress.