YouTuber Ah-geul-i (Kim Min-young), who divorced racer Seo Joo-won, revealed the current status of having undergone surgery for cholesteatoma.

In the video titled 'Fighting in 2023', which was released on YouTube on the 2nd, Ah-ri said, "I was hospitalized for pearl tumor surgery. There is not much information on the Internet about pearl tumors. There weren't many patients in my age group. I heard that there was no specific cause."

Cholesteatoma is a disease in which skin epithelial tissue invades the middle ear cavity and mastoid cavity, accumulates keratin, and destroys surrounding bone or soft tissue.

If diagnosis is delayed or treatment is delayed, it can damage the eardrum or ossicles that transmit sound, causing complications such as hearing loss.

Ah-ri explained about her surgical procedure, "I had been deaf and in pain for three weeks. I thought it was nothing, but I was diagnosed with cholesteatoma at the hospital. The part where the bone was destroyed had to be scraped off and an artificial eardrum had to be made." .

In the video taken right after her surgery, Ah-geul-ri said, "My face was swollen like beads. When I was dressing, I was scared because there was more blood than I thought. My voice didn't come back perfectly," and cheered those who are having a hard time with cholesteatoma. told

After recovering three weeks later, Ah-geul-i said, "I tried to record the hospital life and treatment, but the treatment process was harder than I thought, so I took a break from YouTube. The scars are getting lighter and the hair on the side of the shaved hair has grown a lot. This year was a lot of hard work, but I was holding on well, but because I was sick, I became really depressed.