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Michelle Rodríguez,

known for playing the character of Toña in the television series

'40 y 20',

has received harsh criticism after her appearance as the protagonist of the


of the February number of '

Marie Claire México' was made public.

However, the actress and comedian has not stood idly by and she has responded vehemently through a


that she has posted on her

YouTube channel of herself.

"Why am I on the cover of a magazine if I see myself as I see myself? Because I am this person, because this person, just as I see myself, does a lot of things and the recognition of my work is also important", this is how he answered those who have questioned his involvement in the publication.

With this act, the Mexican has revived the debate on fatphobia in her country, an issue that, according to her, has not been talked about enough.

And it seems to be true, since the attacks against the actress have multiplied as a result of the 'cover' in the form of aggressive comments.

The most recurrent are those who question her

state of health

considering that someone with that image does nothing more than promote obesity.

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On a white background, dressed in jeans and a black T-shirt, and sitting on a stool;

This is how it has been presented in the video, lasting 8 minutes and 36 seconds, which undoubtedly invites reflection.

"There are people who lose their lives because of comments like the ones you are making," said Rodríguez.

Although this is not the first time that the Mexican actress makes a plea in favor of the 'bodypostive'.


'The Most Beautiful Flower',

the series she directed for Netflix and which is inspired by her life, she offered a new vision of beauty canons, social expectations, fear and insecurity.

As a climax, the actress wanted to finish her defense with a text written by herself, from which phrases such as: "I am worthy of respect and love for the simple fact of existing. I am worthy of being seen and recognized for my talents, skills and also because of my beauty. My body is beautiful, it exists, it feels, I love it and I don't fight against it. My body is not a battle, it is a revolution".

Social networks as standard bearers of self-love

Although it is true that social networks have contributed to promoting unrealistic beauty standards, on some occasions they have also helped to break down the barriers of what is socially established and foster a positive attitude and acceptance of personal beauty.

For example, in April of last year, a


challenge went viral whose aim was to show that weight means nothing, since two people with the same body mass can have very different appearances.

Under the


the Chinese social network was filled with videos of women who proudly shared their weight fighting against fatphobia and the existence of a single standard of beauty.

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