As I write this, the third episode of

The Last of US

is undergoing an embarrassing review bombing attack.

You know, that practice consisting of registering on review aggregating websites such as Rotten Tomatoes and issuing very negative ratings to

throw off the average score

of movies, series or video games.

The reasons for these actions, coordinated or spontaneous, are often reactionary and have to do with certain issues that, unfortunately, are repeated over and over again.

In the case of The Last of Us, the trigger for the phenomenon was the third episode

of Craig Mazin's fiction

for HBO Max, a wonderful and very sad chapter.


A Long, Long Time

, this episode raises a parenthesis within the plot of the series that, incidentally, contributes to this force and some other response.

But the episodic plot of A Long, Long Time stars

two gay men


And that the darkest part of the internet does not like.

On IMDB, a page that also allows the aggregation of "popular" scores, this episode has an average rating, when I write this, of

7.9 out

of 10. The previous two repeat a much higher figure: 9.2.

Hardly anyone scores them below 7. By contrast,

Long, Long time racks up a few 1

's .

Almost 30% of their ratings are that, the lowest that the page allows.

It is the revenge (pathetic, but revenge) of those who can't stand that a series strays from what they believe to be the

right path


In The Last of Us, several of these ridiculous orthodoxies also come together, including those who believe they are in possession of the essences of the video game that adapts the series.

It will have its flaws for a long, long time, but I have no doubt that it is already a

historical episode


For what it tells, for how it integrates it into its universe, for what kind of people stars in it (they are not only homosexual: they are also in their fifties) and for how it has once again shown that the most cavernous internet,

the one that uses the word "woke "

As an insult, it's not an urban legend.

One of the protagonists of Mucho, mucho tiempo has a lot to do with that extremist and delusional non-sensitivity.

But the world ends up giving him a lesson in the form of a

second chance


Many would use something like this.

To many of those who sing to you from anonymous avatars, with an unventilated room and an image of Tyler Durden as their only online identity.


But they bite


According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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