We reject any verbal, moral or material abuse of Eve, and we firmly confront anyone who tries to derogate from her rights of all kinds, and we demand that she enjoy them fully and undiminished.

Most feminists mistreat Eve by showing her as if she has always been the object of her throughout history, and reality and history confirm otherwise.

We start with Mrs. Hajar and bear her sole responsibility along with her baby, and we go through women in Upper Egypt and many Arab tribes, who are always respected and have a major role in the family, and we reach many of the daughters of Eve in the contemporary Arab world.

I think it is very important for women to stop the way girls are brought up with the idea of ​​being “oppressed”.

When young girls grow up with the idea that they are oppressed and the right is violated in front of men, each of them involuntarily becomes in their minds a desire for challenge, not because life in itself deserves the challenge, and not because it should be worthy of that, but only to be able to defeat the man, and prove to him It is comparable to it and perhaps better than it.

This thinking has a great impact on the life of every woman when it takes hold.

The consolidation of injustice in Eve, and the feeling of inferiority or excessive anger leads her directly to impulsiveness and aggressive behavior, and makes her make her own losses.

male society

The saying of a patriarchal society weakens the will of any woman who wants to advance her life.

As if we are telling her that no matter how hard you try, society is masculine and you will fail in the end!

I find it quite a disservice to women to be asked to compete with men;

Competing means following him, following his shadow and steps to catch up with him, orbiting him, fighting his battles and trying to win them.

I do not know why she is not told that she already has her own battles that she must win. The smartest thing for her is to compete with herself in order to be able to achieve the best for herself, her home, and her community.

Arab and Western women

It is a lie to claim that Arab women are completely oppressed, and Western women enjoy everything;

Most Arab women get the same wages and the same hours of work with men, unlike Western women who are still fighting this battle, demanding this and complaining about men preferring them to work.

Most feminists wronged Eve by sowing hatred of life in Arab society, and the smartest thing to do was say to Eve:

Pay attention to the things that offend you in your society, so that you learn how to overcome them and win as best you can, and keep what you cannot obtain now, and not abandon it and put it in future goals. And encourage new generations to achieve it


It is not smart to engage in battles with men that drain and exhaust energies;

Rather, it can go through the midst of life and triumph in it by:

  • Take advantage of every second of her life to become better in every detail of her life.

  • That she enjoys strength and shakes off all talk of weakness, such as claiming that hormones control her.

  • To refuse to be humiliated by persistent claims of feeling weak and needing support, exaggerating postpartum depression and special days, and undermining her chances of success.

  • To force those around her to respect her and take her by the hand to teach her to overcome difficult circumstances and extract experiences from her in order to be psychologically stronger and not for men to deal with her as a fragile being who is vulnerable to everything as if that is tenderness, and we wonder: How does she need a man to support her and then denounce him when she raises the slogan that she is equal to him?

    Constant talk about need actually means inequality and that there is a weak side and a strong side.

  • To deal intelligently with the slogans raised by feminists because they must realize that they will not succeed in belittling men, and rivalry is not in their favour, and not to hunt for the mistakes of some men or to deal with them as if they are monsters and traitors;

    A man cheats with Eve, so why accuse the man alone?!

  • For women to try to support each other, because the injustice that befell Eve from her gender is much greater than what is inflicted on her by men.

    Such as the one who refuses her son’s marriage to a divorced woman, and sometimes to a girl who broke off her engagement to someone else, or because she sees her as not beautiful, or because her son loves her!

    What about the injustice of some managers to the women they work with, and their bias towards men against girls of their own sex, sometimes under offensive and unacceptable justifications so that it is not said that they are biased towards women?!

    And if she was strong and confident of herself, she wouldn't do that.

  • Successful Eve does not allow any creature in the universe to extinguish her;

    The claim that a man extinguishes or illuminates Eve is wrong and rejected.

    Her strength and light emanates from within, she respects her weakness and strengthens herself, and does not engage in battles with men and delusions of false victories;

    The real victory is to find a place and position for itself in this world, and it is not only related to work.

    Rather, by creating her psychological strength to shine in all her roles as a mother, sister, wife, worker, and housewife, and to make each day better than the one that preceded it, and not to scatter her energies in battles with men, and not to allow anyone to delude her that she is less than him;

    Her strength and self-respect are not related to her work or the money she earns;

    She is "cool" because she is a human being and does not need to challenge men to feel her power.

  • Eve must be encouraged to love and cherish herself, to be happy and to breathe satisfaction with herself as a human being, and to succeed in making herself happy and making those who love her happy.

    not to prove anything to society or to men;

    This is a psychological burden that deducts from her capabilities, reduces her energies, and makes her always dissatisfied and angry because she is not a man.

  • Not to put shackles on her feet and tell her to fly;

    You will not be able to walk well, try to challenge, or prove that she is not less than a man, or cling to the strange word that she is with a hundred men. We have not heard of a man saying about himself that he is with a hundred men;

    Competition or challenge places an extra burden on Eve, and even if she succeeds, she is carried by rancor or anger, so why should we harm her?

    rejoice that she is Eve;

    It is maturity to avoid intolerance with or against a race or an idea;

    Fanaticism extinguishes the light of the mind, and without the mind, ideas run rampant and we lose and put ourselves in situations in which some people rightly ridicule us.

    Such as unconditional sympathy for women, and this I see as a mistake for many feminists who came to defend the betrayal of some wives and to defend the killing of husbands by saying that the wife can no longer bear it as if divorce did not exist or even khula’, some of them defended a heinous crime where a female doctor killed her pharmacist husband and threw him from the balcony in front of their child!

    It is also impossible to ignore the exploitation of children by some mothers on YouTube and TikTok.

It is not a condition for praising a woman to insulting a man, and we agree with Socrates in his wonderful saying: “The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

  • Beware of deliberate aggression and war in order to draw attention;

    Seizing rights requires intelligence, not competition from the loudest, even at the expense of Eve. Normal feminist thinking is concerned with advancing society as a whole, respecting people of all kinds, and demanding the rights of men, women and children, and not imprisoning oneself in the role of the victim, for this is the worst thing, and the word “masculine” society was uttered. Which put tons of restrictions on Eve and her thinking and reduce her movement, and we do not deny the existence of intransigence against Eve, ranging from one place to another.

The feminism that we want does not justify Eve’s mistakes in education as submission to the patriarchal society, and we say to the mothers: treat your daughters with respect, and we say to every Eve: treat each Eve with love and mercy and control women’s jealousy - as much as you can - and never let it lead your behavior because it diminishes you, and instead From jealousy, improve your behavior and do not compare yourself to anyone except to be better, and not to harm any Eve, and to bring up boys and girls not only on equality, but on knowledge of rights and duties as well.

A life based on harming men for the benefit of women will not work;

When we attack someone, we will not be better than him, and the smartest one is to devote himself to mobilizing determination and making real successes, and instead of wasting life attacking the man and describing him with all his shortcomings, why do we not encourage Eve to take advantage of her age and develop herself, then she will impose herself on life and not on Men only, life respects and loves the victors and the strong, not the one who lives in the role of the victim.