Citizen player

Abdullah Al-Kaabi

February 03, 2023

Many talk about the resident player and his influence on Emirati football, and the decision was clear, but the clubs bear what is happening now in terms of wholesale contracts, as some of them have accumulated resident players, whether from Brazil or Africa, and paid the price for the citizen player, especially with residents who do not constitute any addition. Mainly for our clubs.

The talented Emirati player from the Sunni groups finished from my point of view, and if you look at some of the matches of these age groups, you will see residents between the ages of 16, 17, 18 and 19, while the citizen player is sitting at home.

Many talk about the competition between the citizen and the resident player, but unfortunately we did not see the competition between them, and the reason for this is the club managements, and their total dependence on the resident player, and the numbers in that are frightening, so the officials should review their accounts, because the situation cannot bear to continue in this way.

The star of Al Wasl Club, Ali Saleh, is currently the most prominent player, according to everyone's testimony. The player has a stable level, fights on the field, and is the undisputed first star in our league.

Ali Saleh is a star that reminds you of the great stars from the Emperor's Castle, which produced many legends.

What happens to the Sharjah club with Cosmin, the level of foreign players has declined, who did not constitute the required and expected addition, and I believe that the end of the Cosmin stage will be near, perhaps by the end of the season.

Sharjah Club management has spent millions on the team, but the performance is not convincing, and the team may be out of competition if the situation continues as it is in the coming period.

We did not see competition between the citizen and the resident player, due to the total dependence of the clubs on the resident.

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