China News Agency, Beijing, February 2nd (Reporter Gao Kai) On the evening of February 1st, the 39-episode anti-crime and evil-themed drama "Hurricane" came to an end. climax.

  Since its launch on January 14, the broadcast popularity of "Hurricane" has been rising all the way. On the broadcast platform iQiyi, the popularity value has exceeded 11,000, breaking the highest record in the history of the station. At the same time, Douban's score is as high as 9.1.

As the hottest "out of the circle" work at the beginning of 2023, the show is going high and high, attracting the enthusiasm of audiences of all ages with its solid and tense plot.

  In "Hurricane", the creator selected three time nodes in 2000, 2006, and 2021, cut into three time and space contexts, and borrowed the lives of two characters, the criminal policeman An Xin (played by Zhang Yi) and the evil force Gao Qiqiang (played by Zhang Songwen) The trajectory shows a story of a fight against crime and evil that spanned 20 years.

  As a genre drama, "Hurricane" is anti-routine.

In the huge narrative with intersecting forward narration and flashback narration, the development of the plot is driven by the fate of the characters.

The initial destiny intersection of the two protagonists in the play is full of life texture and warmth of humanity, and as the plot unfolds, the two gradually drift away in the cross collision, and the drama tension is full.

Under such a main line, "Hurricane" breaks through the flat display of black and white contests in some related types of works. Instead, it is driven by the characters to generate a vital plot line, and understands the social ecology behind the formation of black forces. The alienation of human nature is thoroughly revealed, depicting a true picture of eradicating evil and evil.

  Bold yet delicate is another feature of "Hurricane". From the stalls in the "Jichang Street Vegetable Market" to the steaming "Intestine Fungi" and "Pig Knuckle Noodles", although the real area is intentionally blurred, the plot The detailed depiction full of pyrotechnics in the film still successfully brings the audience into the real life aesthetics. It is these textured life details that help arouse the audience's sense of identity.

  On top of the story, the successful shaping of the characters further highlights the charm of "Hurricane".

An Xin and Gao Qiqiang are fresh and active characters, and they can be said to be outstanding in dramas of similar themes.

  As the villain in the play, Gao Qiqiang has aroused continuous heated discussions among the audience.

Xu Jizhou, the director of the play, once said, "The characteristics of the characters are naturally closely related to the era in which they are located. I hope that I can not only portray this villain, but also capture his relationship with the background of the times and the social soil. This is of social significance. In the eyes of the audience, Gao Qiqiang’s beginning in the play is the real life of a small person, which is very easy to be substituted. In the fateful collision with An Xin, he feels the warmth of human nature, and touches power in the blunders. Finally, he was coerced by desire and embarked on the road of no return.

In shaping this role, actor Zhang Songwen dedicated a simple but full of tension, thick and layered performance, which won high recognition from the audience.

  In comparison, An Xin's character setting may not be as dramatic as Gao Qiqiang's, but it is the successful presentation of his inner ideological power that gives the plot the real impetus to move forward.

Spanning 20 years, from a young police officer with a slightly "stunned head" with dreams, to a "slick" and cautious "marginal" person in the police station with white hair, under the interpretation of Zhang Yi, this core character is full of emotion and moving. The ubiquitous quality of life in the handling of character details allows its "soul" to land, which deeply empathizes with the audience.

  In addition to the outstanding performance of the two leading actors, as a group drama, almost every main character in "Hurricane" has a unique charm that can impress the audience.

During the broadcast of the series, many supporting roles in the play were actively "discovered" by the audience, and became the "protagonist" in the hot search because of the vivid and vivid highlights on the screen.

There is no doubt that even in the "little people", the creators have avoided facial profiling.

It is the sense of life carried by the people in the play that makes the audience feel their real and credible existence at different time and space entry points.

  Throughout the whole play, "Hurricane" not only reproduces the rigor and complexity of the special struggle of "sweeping black and evil", but also uses realism to describe the unique characters and life encounters, reflecting real life in different ways, and finally with The spiritual pursuit of justice and goodness resonated with the audience.

  From the innovation of story setting and narrative techniques, to the vivid portrayal of characters, to the in-depth exploration of human nature and society from the theme, for "Hurricane", the whole series is finally attractive because of its "good-looking". The strength may be due to the creator's all-round sincerity to the work.