Singer-songwriter Haepa pointed out the 'settlement method' of the performance industry, saying that he had not been paid for his performance after the performance.

Yesterday (1st), Haepa posted on her SNS, “Have you ever been asked, ‘Which team do you support?’ when entering the concert hall? It is paid only to ‘musician’” and posted a long article.

Haepa said, "I was not informed of this settlement method recently, and I was not paid because there was no audience who 'supported' me after the performance."

Previously, he revealed that he received embarrassing answers from the performing company that he contacted because there was no news of the settlement for several months after the performance, saying, "The settlement has been completed" and "There was no audience at Haepa."

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Haepa said, "I performed with the knowledge that musicians' fees were 1/N. It was cold and tiring that day, but it ended up being unpaid work." If not, I'll contact you saying the settlement amount is 0 won." He couldn't hide his embarrassment.

In response to Haepa's disclosure, the venue explained to him one of the settlement methods, 'audience counting', and contacted him about whether he agreed or wanted a change. Please explain in advance."

'Counting performance' means that when two or more musicians go on stage in one performance, the audience is asked which team they support, and the numbers are added up and reflected in the settlement.

Haepa continued, "I don't know if this settlement method is reasonable for some people, but I feel it's not fair. I performed in front of the same audience for the same amount of time, but I don't get the same pay."

At the same time, he pointed out that when musicians receive an imbalanced settlement, the planning team takes a certain percentage of the audience ticket price without taking the risk.

Haepa also said, "I hope the musicians who made a concert together don't feel isolated because of the settlement," and "I hope the audience won't be forced to choose one team to pay for their tickets."

Haepa, who expressed his intention not to participate in performances that choose a counting settlement method in the future, expressed his gratitude, saying, "It has been a great comfort and strength for many musicians and audiences to sympathize with my story."

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Singer Habakkuk, who heard the story of Haepa, said, "We were also invited to perform at the venue. We accepted the invitation without hearing an explanation about counting, and when we checked the reservation page, there was a part where we checked the artist." After that, he said he did not participate in the show.

Not only this, the music label 'Young Planning' canceled the performance of singer Kim Sae-nyok, who was scheduled to perform at the venue on the 12th, saying, "All members of the indie music industry are precious and have the right to be treated accordingly."

(Photo = Haepa Instagram, Young Planning Twitter capture)

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