In a series of wide-area robberies, the police may have switched the method from fraud to robbery, thinking that robbery that can steal a large amount of money and goods in a short time is more efficient than special fraud.

A man who is familiar with a special fraud group “The number of robberies is only the number of people who rush in”

A man who is familiar with the actual situation of special fraud groups said that in general, there are more people involved in crimes in special frauds, and ``In special frauds, there are people who make calls, people who rush in, people who withdraw money, people who keep money, and people who make money. You will need 5 or 6 people to carry it.The robbery only needs to go, so you only need to gather people who will rush in.There is no need to intervene.If you have information, act immediately and make money. I think I ran to the method of becoming."

“I heard from Watanabe that he was doing “appointment””

On the other hand, in the robbery-murder case in which a 90-year-old woman was murdered at a house in Komae City, Tokyo, the day after the incident, in Adachi Ward, where it was confirmed that the rental car that was believed to have been used in the crime was confirmed, the asset status was confirmed by telephone in advance. It is known that there was a suspicion that an "appointment robbery" was being planned.

The man testified that he had heard from Watanabe himself, who has an arrest warrant from the Metropolitan Police Department, that he was doing an "appointment call" for suspected involvement in a special fraud.

The man said, ``I think it's correct because they said so. I think it's in," he said.

Regarding the suspicion that the criminal group instructed the executors from overseas, he said, "The leader of the fraud group does not directly deceive or cause harm, so he has a low sense of guilt. I don't see the opponent's painful face, so my senses gradually fade.I'm not acquainted with the executioner, I'm not a friend, and I'm just a pawn from the beginning, so it's not that I have a strong awareness that it doesn't matter. I was talking.