, Xi'an, January 31 (Alina Dang Yujie) "I have two greenhouses. Recently, it is a critical period for pinching jujube buds. There is no delay. When visiting relatives during the Chinese New Year, they will go to the greenhouse quickly Li Jianbin, a jujube farmer in Jingzhuang Village, Fanjia Town, Dali County, Shaanxi Province, said.

  In Li Jianbin's greenhouse, each jujube tree has spit out tender green jujube buds, a scene full of vitality.

Due to the particularity of the winter jujube growth cycle in the facility, the work in the shed increases at this time of year, and the family spends most of the Spring Festival in the shed with the jujube trees.

Workers in the Cherry Industrial Park in Liangyi Town, Dali County are pollinating.

Photo by Wang Wen

  In recent years, Dali Dongzao has become a business card of local characteristic agriculture.

Fanjia Town is famous for its early market and high quality. It can be "pre-fresh" as early as May. The town's winter jujube has a scale of 35,000 mu, and the per capita income of farmers in the town has reached 20,000 yuan for winter jujube alone.

Hoeing the ground, pinching buds, pulling branches... the jujube farmers are busy and fulfilling this Spring Festival.

  In Dali County, there are not a few people who are as busy as Li Jianbin during the Spring Festival.

Jujube farmers in Jingzhuang Village, Fanjia Town are busy picking buds, and the peach blossoms in the greenhouses of Nangan Village are already in full bloom.

The fruit farmers in the nearby Liangyi Town are also very busy. In the cherry industrial park of more than 400 mu in the town, in nearly a hundred solar greenhouses, clusters of pure white cherry flowers are blooming, exuding bursts of fragrance. The workers Busy hand pollinating cherry trees.

  According to reports, in recent years, Dali County has continuously focused on improving the scientific management level of special fruit and vegetable agricultural products such as winter jujubes, cherries, and fresh peaches. According to the requirements of different melons and fruits on the growth period of temperature, humidity, water and fertilizer, etc., timely optimization and control are carried out. The scale, modernization and intelligence of agriculture are getting higher and higher.

At the same time, actively promote the upgrading and transformation of facilities and sheds to improve the level of automation and intelligence.

Workers in the Cherry Industrial Park in Liangyi Town, Dali County are pollinating.

Photo by Wang Wen

  Zhang Jianping, a jujube farmer in Xin Village, Fanjia Town, kept staring at his mobile phone when visiting relatives during the Spring Festival.

Zhang Jianping contracted land in the outer village to build a greenhouse to grow winter jujubes. Because he was a certain distance away from home, he could not stay in the field all the time, so he bought a set of smart greenhouse housekeepers online. Through the APP installed on the mobile phone and the sensors in the greenhouse Through the network connection, turn on the mobile phone to monitor the temperature in the greenhouse in real time. According to the temperature change, you can adjust, raise and lower, and switch the air outlet of the greenhouse through the mobile phone. Let the technology replace your own "running" management, which not only reduces the labor force but also improves the efficiency.

  Like him, there are many cases of improving management level with the help of technology. Fupo Village of Anren Town installed air conditioners in the greenhouses to increase the temperature inside the greenhouses, and Donggaocheng Village of Liangyi Town installed floor heating in the greenhouses of Gaoshi Crispy Melon Greenhouses to increase the ground temperature... Just like the Spring Festival in previous years Similarly, many farmers in Dali left their homes early and plunged into the fields.

  According to reports, facility agriculture is a highlight in the development of the agricultural industry in Dali County, and it is also a pillar industry for farmers to increase their income and become rich.

Dali County will also continue to consolidate and develop characteristic industries. According to the idea of ​​"one area with one feature, each town has a brand", it will build a gathering area for Gaoshi crispy melon and winter jujube in the northeast, a gathering area for facility fruits and vegetables in the northwest, a gathering area for winter jujube in the central area, and a gathering area for Luoyang. Five major industrial clusters, including daylily and carrot clusters in the south, will speed up the construction of a modern agricultural industrial system, production system, and management system, so that the industrial chain will continue to extend to the countryside, allowing farmers to enjoy the "dividends" of industrial development.