The wind has been blowing strong since the afternoon of today (1st), the first day of February.

Thanks to that, the air quality has improved, but the day will be cold again tomorrow.

A cold wave warning has been issued again all over the country, and tomorrow's special warning will drop to around 10 degrees below zero, centering on places.

Seoul will also be 6 degrees below zero tomorrow morning, and the temperature will be more than 5 degrees lower than today, and the cold wind will blow strong until tomorrow, and the perceived temperature will drop to -10 degrees below zero.

In the meantime, dryness will continue for the time being in the eastern region.

Fire management must be done carefully.

The daytime temperature in Seoul tomorrow will also be 3 degrees, about 2 degrees lower than today, and the air quality across the country is expected to be good to normal tomorrow.

The southern region, which was cozy during the day today, will drop significantly to around 5 degrees tomorrow.

Still, the temperature will rise more and more as we go into the second half of the week, and the weekend is expected to be mostly sunny.

(Nam Yu-jin weather caster)