In a bid-rigging case involving bidding for work related to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics test competitions, all of the successful bidders received orders for the operation of the Games in the form of negotiated contracts, totaling approximately 40 billion yen. I found out through interviews with the people involved that it was going up.

The special investigation department of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office and others are believed to be suspected of collusion, and are investigating the actual situation, with a view to winning orders for the event, which costs more money.

Dentsu and other companies are suspected of collusion with the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee regarding bidding for work related to test competitions for each sport. , The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office and the Fair Trade Commission are conducting an investigation on suspicion of violating the Antimonopoly Act.

According to people familiar with the matter, the suspects are 26 bids held in 2018 to select contractors to plan test tournaments, with

nine companies, including Dentsu, and

one consortium.

I made a successful bid for a total of more than 500 million yen.

After that, all of these companies entered into free contracts without bidding, and received orders for test competitions and the operation of the main competition of the same competition, and the total amount was about 40 billion yen. I learned something new from interviewing people.

The Special Investigation Department and others are suspected of collusion between vendors from the stage of the test competition, with a view to winning orders for the competition, which costs more money, and are investigating the actual situation.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno “Consideration if fraud is true”

At a press conference in the morning, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said, "Currently, the project team launched mainly by the Japan Sports Agency and the JOC = Japan Olympic Committee is working to make the operation of large-scale international competitions transparent and fair. If the fraudulent act in the bidding is true and it is considered to be a problem caused by the governance system of the Games Organizing Committee, the project team will consider it. ' said.