It's done.

Right at the start of the new year, my RTL treated us to eighteen first-class trash TV days.

Everything was there.

Intrigues, arguments, disgust, screaming - and the twelve jungle candidates are not even priced in.

Unlike in previous years, the gossip-obsessed accompanying boulevard, at least in the first week, threw itself more on peripheral issues such as the arranged adultery drama divorce in the Klein household.

Iris Klein, the supposedly cuckolded wife, is after all the mother-in-law of jungle finalist Lucas Cordalis.

Her husband Peter is Lucas' official companion in Australia.

It's also kind of sad to think that Lucas, after two and a half weeks without cell phone access, wants to compensate for his painful expulsion by reading the hero-worshipping fan chants about himself, which he believes his courageous demeanor in the camp gave him Must.

And then he walks into the Versace Hotel, reads about the hashtag #CallcenterCordalis, his now rather battered image and the fact that his in-laws stole his cover stories while he's living on beans and rice at the crown retrieval camp and has to deal with cheeky youngsters like Gigi.

Just in case you haven't heard: Costa Cordalis was Lucas' father and at the same time the first king of the jungle in the 16-year history of IBES.

So 2023 should be the year when the jungle scepter finds its way back to its origin.

Home to the Villa Cordalis in Mallorca.

After Lucas had spent the first half of the jungle time primarily lying on his bunk, avoiding as many exams as possible and speaking as little as possible to anyone, he suddenly remembered that drama-soaked at the beginning of the expulsion phase broadcast time was still the best recipe for being able to nibble on the final cake at the end.

Consequently, he started just in time

Celebrities diligently collected Insta followers

A community, by the way, which large parts of the public now suspect to be in a call center in India.

Of course, these are only speculations.

The truth of these rumors is likely to have shaky feet alone because Lucas Cordalis has to go first in the final.

The Katzenberger clan (wife Daniela once knocked on Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion) must have run out of funds for the last, decisive televoting manipulation attempt.

Or in India, unfortunately, the finale is a public holiday.

Analyzing the new currency in the D-Celebrity market, Lucas has not been harmed.

His Instagram followers have increased from 596,000 to 619,000 since the jungle camp began.