Jordan: Imprisonment of a general practitioner who caused the death of a dentist during a liposuction operation

 A Jordanian court sentenced a doctor to two years in prison and fined him 82,000 dinars (about $120,000) for causing the death of a patient during an operation.

And the decision indicated that 6 charges were brought against the doctor, including causing death, practicing plastic surgery without a certificate of competence, not using the necessary diagnostic methods for the disease, not using the necessary and available medical tools and devices in diagnosing and treating the recipient of the service, receiving the service in places other than designated for that, and finally carrying out advertising and publicity work. Practicing a medical profession without obtaining the necessary license from the Ministry of Health.

The facts of the case showed that at the beginning of 2021, it was agreed between the late dentist and the accused doctor, who works as a general surgery specialist, that the doctor perform liposuction of the deceased from the abdomen, back, arms and thighs, and then re-inject this fat into the chest.

Accordingly, the deceased and her mother went to the clinic, and she was admitted to the operating room and given local anesthesia, and after completing the liposuction operation, the doctor anesthetized the deceased in the chest area with local anesthesia to re-inject the fat into the chest, but before he returned the fat, the condition of the deceased worsened and her color turned pale She began to breathe with difficulty and lost consciousness, and in the meantime the doctor made a phone call to a person to consult him about the case of the deceased, and then he asked the girl who works for him to go to the pharmacy and bring a needle (Lasix), which is a diuretic, because he did not have it.

However, due to the girl's delay, the doctor asked one of his staff at the clinic to go and get the needle as soon as possible. The needle was brought, but it was not given to the deceased because her condition worsened. Then the doctor asked the young man who works for him to contact the Civil Defense in order to take her to the hospital.

However, before the Civil Defense came, the doctor, with the help of his worker, who works as a nurse, first aided the deceased in the nurse's private vehicle and transported her to a private hospital near him. When she arrived at the emergency department in the private hospital, it was found that she had arrived dead.

According to the investigation, it was found that the doctor is a general surgery specialist and does not hold any specialization certificate in plastic surgery and obesity, and it was also found that his clinic is not licensed by the Ministry, and that he had performed the suction operation of the late in his private clinic, in violation of medical and health procedures, as such operations were It is supposed to be done in a hospital, not a private clinic.

And it was found from the autopsy of the corpse that the cause of death resulted from nervous shock after liposuction under the influence of local anesthesia, which led to a slowdown in the work of the heart and sudden cessation of blood circulation, as a result of complications from pain and medications that were given to the deceased, and surgical work under local anesthesia, and as a result the complaint was submitted .

When the doctor was asked whether he was guilty of his actions, the doctor repeated his statement that he was not guilty, as testimonies showed that the doctor had posted an advertisement on Facebook for his clinic, and it was reviewed and agreed that the operation would take two and a half hours, but it took three hours and the patient did not come out alive.

According to one of the testimonies, the doctor went out to rest after the second local anesthesia of the chest, and before returning to perform the second stage, the patient’s condition worsened, as the report of the Higher Technical Committee indicated that the problem according to the Medical and Health Accountability Law was a medical error in dealing with the disease, and the report indicated that The doctor is responsible for what happened by 75%.

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