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World-renowned pop star Sam Smith responded to the parody video of comedian Hwang Je-seong.

According to SBS Power FM 'Emperor Power' on the 30th, Sam Smith recently sent a video message directly to Hwang Je-seong.

In September of last year, Sam Smith released a new song 'Unholy', which is about accusing a cheating man, and released an unconventional music video.

Domestic netizens showed a different reaction to this music video.

He summoned Hwang Je-seong, who is known for his resemblance to Sam Smith, with comments such as "You are good at singing," "I thought you were Emperor," and "I think Emperor Sung sings."

Afterwards, comments that could not distinguish Emperor Sung and Sam Smith spread on the Internet like a 'meme' (Internet trending content).

As if responding to fans' comments, Hwang Je-seong posted a cover video of the music video for "Unholy" on YouTube last month.

The appearance of the emperor wearing the same makeup and costumes as Sam Smith in the music video boasted a great synchro rate.

This cover video drew an explosive response, exceeding 20 million cumulative views.

Sam Smith, who saw this video, first contacted Hwang Je-seong to send a video message to the production team of the SBS radio program 'Emperor Power', and Hwang Je-seong received Sam Smith's thank you video message.

Hwang Je-seong said, "Honestly, at first, I thought the production team was joking because they had contacted me from Sam Smith."

Sam Smith's thank you message will be released on February 1 through the 'Emperor Power' broadcast and the official Instagram account.

(Reporter Kim Ji-hye of SBS Entertainment News)