The 15th edition of the festival kicks off tomorrow with exceptional experiences

Ahlam Al-Blooki: «Emirates Airline for Literature» is a platform for world creators

  • The festival continues its march under the slogan "The Best Guest".



Tomorrow begins a new chapter of Dubai celebrations of stories and creativity in all its colors, with an exceptional group of events and names during the largest editions of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the launch of its first edition in 2009, at a time when the festival welcomes more than 260 personalities from society Local and international literary and creative programs, to present a program full of more than 300 sessions, workshops and events, under the slogan “The Good Guys”.

Regarding the variables of the new session, the director of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, Ahlam Al-Blooki, confirmed, in her interview with «Emirates Today», that «the festival celebrates its 15th anniversary, and therefore its program comes with a different flavor, to reflect the mixture of diverse cultures and interests, and covers many topics, such as business. Novelists, children's books, and works that revolve around various topics, such as health, politics, culinary arts, business, technology, popular cultures, and other topics, ”noting that the program is presented in many languages, such as Arabic, English, Malayalam, Tagalog, Urdu, and others, and this version also comes with many exceptional events. And unique artistic and cultural experiences, such as the evening “In the Love of Gibran Khalil Gibran”, and it hosts more free live performances and competitions, as part of the efforts aimed at spreading life and fun in the events through the beautiful word and literature until the sixth of next February.


And Ahlam Al-Blooki continued about the new initiatives: “After we witnessed the increasing demand for Arabic content, especially the local one, we took upon ourselves the responsibility of paving the way for promising writers in the country and the region, and providing a comprehensive environment that meets their requirements and encourages them to pursue a career in literature.

In the framework of our endeavor as an institution, to develop an integrated and sustainable system that continuously feeds the literary sector, we have tried to bring together local and international talents on one platform, and to restore the brilliance of school students’ competitions, to instill a love of literature and the habit of reading among young generations, by linking literature with various forms of creativity, Whether in writing, recitation, reading and the arts.

We also launched a new competition entitled (A Book in a Box), which is a journey of visual storytelling in cooperation with teachers, and trained students to be able to make (diorama), an art that is concerned with embodying reality in a miniature way, for the chosen book.

In the context of the general interest in creating an environment stimulating creativity and innovation for local talents, she drew attention to the most important initiatives of the festival, the most important of which is the Emirates LitFest for Writing, which is the award that paved the way for success and publication for more than 10 writers, which receives this year, for the first time, literary works intended for children.

For the second year, the “First Semester Program - Emirates Fellowship for Literature and My Friend for Writers” will also be launched, the unique global program for training creative writers in the UAE.

suitable platform

With preparations for the launch of its 15th session this year, the festival succeeded in consolidating its knowledge value and supporting the future of creativity in the region and the world, which was confirmed by its director by saying: “The festival provides the appropriate platform to gather writers from around the world and exchange views on what the creative sector needs to develop better. For more than 260 personalities of writers, creators, and thought leaders to gather in one place without diversifying literary activities, and readers to meet with a group of talented people for dialogue and discussion on axes that reflect the interests of society, which contributes to strengthening the status of literature in society, and enhancing the value and position of scholars and knowledge in society. Guidance and advice.

Every year the festival returns, it is a renewed invitation for the masses to attend and interact not only with writers and speakers, but also with creativity in all its forms.

With hair we recover

Between the experiences of “Verses from the Depths of the Desert”, “What We Want from Poets” and “A Night of Arabic Poetry”, it seems that the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature is establishing its bets on restoring consideration to the word and celebrating poetry in the era of electronic media and social media, as Ahlam Al-Blooki confirmed : «The creative Ibrahim Nasrallah wrote that (there is a poet in every person, who does not come out except at the moment in which he meets himself completely).

And here we are witnessing that poetry imposes itself urgently on the literary scene, especially after the difficult period that the world went through and is still gradually recovering from.

Today, we are pleased to present at the festival the exceptional ability of poetry to translate our close ties to ourselves and the world around us, and thus, to communicate in a deeper and more intimate way.

quantum leaps

The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature allocates an important dialogue space that deals with the UAE's experience in shaping the future and its industry, entitled "Future Cities", with the participation of Minister of State for International Cooperation, Reem Al Hashemi, and Director General of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), Hala Badri.

And about that space, the director of the festival, Ahlam Al-Blooki, said: “In light of all the achievements and qualitative leaps that the UAE has made in recent times, it is important to open the field for discussion about the role of intellectuals and creators in anticipating the future in the smartest way possible, and to devise solutions to the challenges we face today in the field of creative industries.” : Culture, Arts and Literature.

Festival director:

"The festival will highlight the exceptional ability of poetry to translate our close ties to ourselves and the world around us."

"The event is a renewed invitation to the masses to attend and interact not only with writers, but also with creativity in all its forms."


Writers, creators and thought leaders gather in one place during the festival.


February, the date for the closing of the 15th session of the festival, which begins tomorrow.

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