As the severe cold continues, a large amount of ice blocks are washed up on the coast of Abashiri City, Hokkaido.

It is believed that ice from surrounding rivers and lakes washed up.

On the coast of Mokoto, Abashiri City, there are large ice blocks of various sizes, some exceeding 1 meter on each side.

On the morning of the 30th, visitors to the coast were seen taking pictures of the ice shining like jewels in the morning sun.

Drift ice from the Sea of ​​Okhotsk usually rushes to the coast of Abashiri this time of year, but this season it is still offshore, and the washed-up ice masses are believed to have been washed up by the ice formed in the surrounding rivers and lakes. It is

This type of ice is known to be commonly seen on the coast of the Tokachi region, and in Toyokoro Town it is a tourist attraction in winter as "jewelry ice".

In Abashiri City, the cold weather has continued for the past week or so, with the minimum temperature dropping below minus 10 degrees Celsius. was given.

Mr. Keisuke Motomura of the Abashiri City Tourism Division, who visited the beach, said, "I saw it for the first time. You can't see the drift ice when it touches the shore, so I hope you will come to see it as well as the drift ice." rice field.