A 68-year-old self-employed suspect was arrested for defrauding a man who was suffering from troubles between relatives of 16 million yen in cash, saying, ``I can make a special prayer to solve it.'' .

He denies the allegations against the investigation.

Jun Yamakawa (68), a self-employed man from Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, was arrested.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, between late December 2016 and January 2018, a man in his 60s living in Toshima Ward, who had been troubled by family troubles, received 16 million in cash in the name of prayer fees. There is a suspicion of fraud for defrauding the yen.

The suspect received cash from a man whom she met through a seminar where she shared her troubles, saying, "The reason is that your ancestors have not been discovered. You can make a special prayer to solve the problem." However, it seems that the prayer was not performed.

In response to the investigation, he denied the charges, saying, "I didn't intend to deceive."