"Brain fog" is a mine left by "Corona" before it left.. What are the symptoms and how is the treatment?

Finally, "fog brain" was diagnosed as a disease caused by infection with the Corona virus, and its symptoms include poor concentration, feeling confused, thinking more slowly than usual, vague thoughts, forgetfulness, missing words, and mental fatigue.

According to the NHS, "brain fog can be similar to the effects of sleep deprivation or stress. It's not just people who have been taken to hospital with coronavirus who can develop brain fog. It's a common part of long Covid."

Dr. Anisha Patel encourages people with brain fog to learn a new skill to stimulate brain function.

"Learning new things, choosing a hobby like sewing or dancing, learning a new skill or solving a 1,000-piece puzzle. All of this will help keep our brain active, improve focus and memory," Patel said.

Being more organized to help overcome brain fog, Patel recommended.

She added, "As a patient, you have three or four things on the list. When you finish this list, congratulate yourself and get the list for the next day."

Dr Amir Khan was attuned to that, adding: "Stop smoking, it will help the blood flow to the brain."

Adhering to a healthy lifestyle is the best way to help relieve symptoms of brain fog.

Dr Amir said: "Avoid alcohol, and have a healthy weight. Overall health is really important for blood flow to the brain, and another helpful tip is to get plenty of quality sleep, which can help improve brain health."

Amir added: “Sleep helps strengthen memory. So the things you learned that day, while you sleep, are cemented in your mind, but also a good night’s sleep helps you learn new things. People who get a good night’s sleep do 40% better.” Learning new things the next day.

Spending time outdoors can help improve your mood, which may be negatively affected by brain fog.

"Studies have shown that spending 30 minutes, five times a week - about two hours a week on average - outdoors has been shown to improve your mood. It's cold. Put your coat on, go outside and spend some time in nature," Amir said.

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